Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garage Sale Score

An early morning supermarket shopping trip came to a screeching of brakes yesterday when I spotted a garage sale glad we stopped ( Mr VL hates them!) I spied a big plastic bag of linen ( I can spot filet crochet from a 100 miles away!) Grabbed it  without looking inside . Lots of serviettes that I don't want, quite a few stained tablecloths which I'll soak and some beautiful pieces like the gorgeous old pillowcase. Cost me $8.... BARGAIN !!!

I have never found a vintage flower frog before, and this was $2....I think these people thought I was a bit demented!!

On Wednesday at the Salvos I picked up a vintage silver case with nice engine turned finish for 5.95
A Royal Albert Old Country Roses dish for 3.99
And from a vintage home ware shop called Ã‰clat Bazzar sale I fell in love with this little darling...he's going under one of my glass domes in the new house. The shop had him in a nest under an expensive Victorian shaped dome...awwww

Anyway I'm off to do heaps of soaking and see what I can retrieve of my linen haul!

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  1. I ran to see if my cabinet of linens was still intact. What you showed looked remarkably like my old stuff. But it is still all there! My hub did not toss it yet. ;))) Linda

  2. My favorite things - Old Linens! Those are just lovely!

  3. Thanks favourite finds always1

  4. Wow - you did well! Love old linen!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. What a truly great vintage find! The linens are so lovely, I can't seem to get enough.

  6. Fabulous linens. What a great find. Hugs, Marty

  7. Lucky you to find all that lovely old linen.

  8. You can never have too many linens, great buy. Love the flower frog, they are so handy to hold photos and cards. The little bird is soo sweet. Tam x

  9. Wonderful finds! My mom collects vintage flower frogs; she has one just like yours that she uses to hold up notes on her desk. They're very useful! ;) And there you go again with the vintage definitely have an eye for them!

  10. Fabulous linens - what great treasures! ~Pernilla

  11. love it all. so beautiful, and so me. =)


  12. Hi Barbara Jean! Thanks for visiting xx

  13. Well that was definitely worth the stop. Love the linens and doilies! What a find!

  14. The little bird is so cute! Lovely finds.

  15. It's fun to see what you got. Those linens are so pretty!

  16. Great finds. I love the linens!! Happy VTT!

  17. I love all vintage linens. I have so many that I inherited from family estates.

  18. What a great haul. I love those linens and such a bargain too. Hopefully you'll be able to get out any stains, and then repurpose the stubborn ones.

  19. I really enjoy the old linens and you found a treasure trove in that bag! Thanks for sharing with us at TTF.


  20. Such wonderful finds! Think I might have fainted finding a bag of linens like that at a yard sale! Love the silver case too, love it all actually.

    Visiting from TTF :) Pam

  21. Thank you for visiting Pam

  22. Such wonderful finds. Those linens are so pretty... Enjoy your new treasures. Hopefully, I come across a great bag like that one...

  23. The linens are so fabulous! I'm loving all of your wonderful finds...looks like what I bring home when I am lucky! Sweet hugs!


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