Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whats Doing this Week

This week's find was a lovely vintage white crochet cloth. It's very fine work and very large and a bargain at 3.99

WHAT WAS I THINKING !!!!!!    I'm trying to pack my huge line collection  from my ar
moire...I've filled 3 huge cartons and still going....

We are about 70% boxed up but the kitchen contents is going to be a huge job, and I'm starting to feel the stress.

Too many dinner sets I don't use...too many crystal bowls...
Mr VL bought a couple of presents for me from the  home ware sales to cheer me up
(Loving glass floats at the moment) He found this gorgeous verdigris covered candelabra all crusty and cobwebby

Checkout Sascha's expression watching us box up stuff!

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  1. I certainly do not envy you packing, when we did it 5 yrs ago I swore never again. very sweet of hubby to spoil you like that. just keep going, all will be worth a little while it will be a distant memory!...I hope xx
    ps I love the new cloth addition....theres always room for one more right!!

  2. Best of luck with the packing. Its a good time to have a clear out too. The pressies are just gorgeous, cobwebs and all. T x

  3. Packing up and moving house is such a stressful time and I do hope that everything runs smoothly for you. Hang in there and take care.
    Anne xx

  4. Those glass floats are gorgeous!!! Good luck packing and I hope that all goes well with the move!!!

  5. We moved to our present home in the US from Holland seven years ago. We decluttered, we thought! Last fall we moved another container of inherited household items from Holland. Our house is chock full. Time to declutter again. Actually I envy your move. But the next time we move I am going to order a skip to throw all this stuff away. My hub can't believe I feel this way.

  6. Maybe you could cull a few of the bowls and things that you are no longer 'in love ' would help and make you feel better about taking so much with could box them seperately, and when you get to your new home, if they dont fit, it would make the decision easier.....and let you continue vintage ware hunting, for things you really love.....

  7. Oh packing is not the most enjoyable job.. especially for us collectors. the number of boxes filled with linens and crockery can come as a bit of a shock I know.

  8. So pretty, you will have to stop or there will be no room left in your new home.

  9. Sweet find! I don't envy having to pack though:) Saw your post at Knick of time. Stop by.

  10. Good luck on your packing and move. Moving is just not fun. Something we all have do at some point and time. You just never realiz how much stuff you have until moving time.

  11. Love Sascha's perch! He's so expressive! Hope you'll be done soon! patsy

  12. Having just moved myself, I feel your pain! It is a huge job to pack all the dishes and glassware. I have so much since I tablescape! I still have things to bring over to my new place and I'm not sure where it's all going to go! Thanks for linking with TTF this week.


  13. I hated packing up when I moved to Florida. I was fortunate to have movers that did all the packing, but I still had to clean out and discard before they came. What I job.
    Good luck with your move. I am your newest GFC.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  14. Your crocheted tablecloth is gorgeous. Imagine paying $3.99 for probably hundreds of hours of work. Amazing. Congratulations. Susan

  15. What a lovely find! And the price too... :) ~Pernilla

  16. Packing is one thing I hope I never have to do again. I've had 20 moves in 30 years and they never got any easier. Chin up you'll get there.

  17. Packing is such a pain in the rear! That is one thing I hope to not have to do for a looong time! Good luck, I hope your stress is alleviated soon. Love the tablecloth!

  18. Totally relating to your 'packing stress' Meg. We have just finished and I feel completely exhausted, stressed and over it all. Did you lose time playing with and enjoying all your pretties. I have to admit that I did get side-tracked on numerous occasions.

    Great buy on the crochet tablecloth!! Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  19. In my opinion, packing up the kitchen is one of the toughest parts of a move. A lot of careful wrapping, stacking and boxing up to do to make sure that the china and glassware actually make it to your new home safe. Moving is stressful enough and you definitely don't need to add the need to replace plates to it.


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx