Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby it's Hot Outside.....

Oh man it's hot .....42C yesterday, 43 today's such a battle to keep everything alive...the hottest January since 1908
Last week was a short respite from the heat so I did a little thrift shopping.

A gorgeous 1960's soda siphon

 A vintage perfume bottle

I was window shopping in a beautiful home wares shop in my favourite country town and I spotted a juice at first sight. A total luxury and I shouldn't have bought it...but I love it. It's solid marble with a fruit wood handle and made in France.

It's been heart breaking in the garden watching things fry. We dug all the root crops up but of course it's too hot to store the potatoes and carrots in the shed so they are in the formal siting room!

 Tons of plums to pick...I stewed and baked yesterday and if and when it gets cooler in the next few days I'm going to make jam and sauce

Plums  poached in Cranberry juice and a little port

Plum upside down cake baked by Mr VL...delish warm with double cream

I'm still madly cutting all my beautiful roses quickly before they burn and drying....the smell is divine!

Sea Holly flowers

Mr VL has found borers in the silver birches that you can see in this pic,so they have to come down (sob)

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  1. Goodness, that's hot! It's really cold here with sleety snow! Love your new juicer - beautiful and useful! Your fresh roses are beautiful and the dried ones are pretty too. Amazing agapanthus and sea holly. Shame about your trees. X

  2. thrifting and cake....perfect distractions to the heat. you just reminded me that I had a little collection of 4711 bottles when I was a whipper snapper....wonder where they got to?...that juicer is fab!...I would have fallen for it too. lol spuds will be the chickens next. the yard still looks lush n green shows how much hard word you and mr meg are putting in. how does plum cake go in the post I wonder!! x

  3. Our heat in Bendigo is about the same as yours, but a day later. Like you I am sadly watching the steady scorching of the garden. It is getting harder to find enough distractions from the heat though.
    As always, thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh look at your chooks. We do the same with the bales of hay.. take the twine off and the girls do the rest, distributing it around their house.
    The dried roses look lovely.

  5. The heat is very draining, isn't it? I just long for autumn. I love your soda siphon and your produce is wonderful!

  6. Meg,it is soooooo hot and so hard to cope with even with aircon. All I want to do is sleep,and the poor garden is so dry and crusty. Anyway,lovely finds Love the squeezer and syphon colour. Stay cool and oh your dried roses are lovely too. x

    1. Yes we reached a new Feb record today 44.7

  7. Lovely finds and beautiful roses!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. So much beauty in spite of the scorching heat.
    Your chook girls are so lovely looking and
    Sascha is a dear one.
    Plums stewed in cranberry with a little port AND plum upside-down-cake sound truly magical. With the freestone plums that I harvest, most go into the dehydrator for a later treat. With the fresh ones, a plum platz...

  9. Yes it's pretty hot where I live too and my garden is struggling. I'm sure all my new roses would be twice the size if we had some rain. I try to water as much as I can but with a large garden it's a bit hard. I love your finds, especially the marble juicer and that cake looks delicious. I make an upside down pineapple cake similar to that! take care and keep cool... maryann

  10. Such pretty things. You keep such a cheery attitude despite the heat. We're having a bit of a drought here in California, too. I am very worried about my garden. Yikes!

  11. Considering the heat, you've got an amazing amount of greenery and flowers. Ours summers are like that so I can totally sympathize. It's hard to even breathe outside, much less work in the garden.

  12. Mare lovely finds, i know what you mean about it being hot, I bet its all most to hot to cook all those plumbs.

  13. Thank you for sharing your vintage goodies, lovely home and garden. It is opposite in Texas, very cold and snowing at this time.

  14. We are so cold here in the USA it is nice to see the green and roses, but sorry it is so hot you are losing your plants. Love your thrifty finds, the siphon bottle is truly striking! Thanks for linking to TTF!

  15. Beautiful post; I wish for some warmth, green and flowers right now! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. Have a great weekend.

  16. I love your goodies, but that juicer just stopped me in my tracks! Wow! How neat is that !

    I am popping over from Diann's for Thrifty Things Friday!



  17. Great finds and beautiful roses!

  18. I know your hot... but my goodness! your garden is so pretty. Your roses are amazing! Love your vintage goodies too. Thank you for sharing your post for Fresh-Cut Friday. I hope you have great weekend!

  19. Wow, that's pretty hot! It's nice to see some green and flowers since we are buried in snow here in my part of the world. Love seeing the dried roses- I did that a while back and I was amazed at how they still smelled good for a long time. You found some great vintage finds!

  20. A lovely warm post Meg.
    The vintage juice squeezer is a beauty.
    Your plums are gorgeous and what a DH to make such a yummy dessert!
    Love your roses and that looks like Abraham Derby which I must add to my list to plant in June!
    I've been hearing about your heatwaves... so hard on the garden. I'm in New Zealand and my garden is being ruined by the heat and strong winds - so disappointing.
    Lovely to meet up at Fresh-Cut Friday.

  21. Looking at the date of this post, I kind of noticed when it is hottest in Australia. While it's very hot in there, it's the time of the year when it’s very cold in the USA. Anyway, if the temperature is skyrocketing as high as that, then you should really avoid going out as it can be very dangerous and heat stroke is very imminent.
    George Ellsworth

  22. That's pretty scary. Your normal body temperature really shot up, huh? That really demands contingency plans to be put in place within your domicile, throughout its areas and cooling down as many in your household as it can. Good luck!

    Natalie Baldwin @ EnviroTech Insulation


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