Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Week's Treasure Hunting

What a difference a mild week has been a breeze ! (pun intended)

I bought home this little antique leather collar box in lovely condition, I did give one to my husband as a gift a few years ago,so this one is all mine

I know I promised him no more luggage but this is not really luggage is it??

A sweet little vintage headpiece for my still growing collection

We are planning our Autumn planting and changes to the garden of the perks of being married to a horticulturist is being able to go to a fabulous wholesale nursery with prices rock bottom
I also picked up this pail which I'm going to use for magazines

We came home with Russian sage ,lavenders,pink sedums. and tons of fertilizers

All the hills  around us are greening up slowly

The best news this week is  we had our first seems like only yesterday we hatched them in the incubator

 The first egg was on the ground but the second was in the nesting box

I'm still picking a few roses  and drying a few

Sascha has become quite jealous of the girls !

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  1. No, it's not luggage. It was for nessacary therefore, its a necessity! Beautiful case. Congratulations on the first egg.

  2. WOW, these photos are gorgeous. That first egg...delicious!
    Anne xx

  3. Glad it's a bit cooler for you - and for the chooks! That Nursery looks great. Lovely roses.

  4. Oh yay, an egg. It wont be long and you'll be have cartons full of fresh eggs. Frittata and quiche are often on the menu here when the egg compartment of the fridge is full to overflowing. x

  5. Well isn't Sascha a beauty?
    A hat box is absolutely not luggage and you could never have left it behind! The crocadile inside is adorable.
    Glad to hear it's cooled down. x

  6. You got some great goodies this week. All that luggage is perfect for storage and looks beautiful too.

  7. How I love looking at the photos at your home. I love the photos of "'the girls" and Sascha (I am in love with Sascha). Too interesting: I call my friends chickens, "the girls"...

    1. Who knew a cat could be jealous of chickens!!

  8. Oh my goodness....where do you live? It is absolutely fabulous. I LOVE the luggage stacked up....beautiful!

  9. Love your vintage luggage collection! I have one which I picked up years ago at an antiques fair and i absolutely adore it.

  10. Thanks for sharing some of the beauty and things of interest in your world. Truly enjoyed my visit.

  11. Lovely treasures you picked up there and I certainly appreciate seeing warmth and green / that's not going to happen here for quite awhile yet. Your cat is gorgeous!!! :)

  12. The stack of luggage is gorgeous, but oh my I am swooning at that little collar box! Love it!! Wonderful photos as always. Thanks for linking to TTF!


  13. The wagon full of plants, the green grass... still winter-ish here in Fort Worth. I want to plant something - anything. Love the luggage.

  14. Your suitcase collection is amazing!

  15. I love the colors in that stack of luggage! What a find!

  16. The tons of fertilizer is kind of scary! Too many chemicals around are not good for your animals or us!

  17. Hello Meg,

    You really do have a treasure seeker's eye. The collar box is simply lovely. Yes, we could definitely steal that! And, the stack of suitcases looks wonderful and conjures up thoughts of travelling to foreign fields. We have a growing number in our hall and, every time we pass them, we think of where we might next venture.

    We have only just discovered you and have been most intrigued to look back and see what other goodies you have been collecting. However, it is clear that you do not have just a collection of things since they are all carefully placed and look delightful compositions throughout the house. Just like works of art.

    We have signed up as followers.

  18. Popping over from Natasha's Say G'Day and happy to find your lovely blog. Your stack of vintage luggage is fabulous, and I want to shop that plant center. '-) Following along now.

  19. Love the collar box, I knew of them but never saw one it's in great condition. Love all the suitcases too!

  20. oh, I envy all your wonderful "green". what an amazing view you have!

  21. Meg, Love the antique leather collar box and luggage collection! You're so lucky being married to a horticulturist! I would be at the nursery all the time! I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx