Friday, October 3, 2014

Spring Thrifting and Koala Spotting

A couple of finds from the 2 main street charity shops

A sweet silver plate and bakelite dish for $1

A gorgeous old  FalconWare jug $5

Over at the neighbour's having coffee I was given 3 identical birdbaths for FREE.

This is one still in situ and I will take some pics when they are installed in our garden

While I was there we had a bit of excitement....a young male koala climbed over her back fence, and casually climbed up her gum tree. 

He's still there and will probably come across to my gum tree which is HUGE!

Speaking of of my girls laid this huge egg. I haven't cracked it yet but I bet it's a double yolk!!

A sunny day from the back deck

A couple of pics from  the garden centre Mr VL works at,in spring colours

Waiting for Dad to come home from work

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  1. Wow, impressive finds and adorable koala. Funny to think you are going into Spring and over here we are just going into Autumn.

  2. The birdbaths will fit right in amongst your beautiful garden beds.
    We get the odd huge egg too. It'll be interesting to see if it's a double yoker.

  3. Incredible is SO scenic where you live. Gorgeous pics! Hurrah- the birdbaths will be lovely to add to your yard. I am so amazed that a koala visited. How neat! :)

  4. Those birdbaths are gonna be great in your garden, i'm very jealous :) And a Koala up a tree, fab.

  5. What great finds.. love the free birdbaths. How cute is that Koala.. we always get lot's of kangaroos at my place. I can't believe your hollyhocks are in flower already...take care, Maryann

  6. I am saying "OW" for your girl that laid the huge egg. Your girls are such beauties. So awesome to see a wild the photo of Sascha waiting for her dad..glorious foxgloves...

  7. Oh, I see beautiful foxgloves!! I can never get mine to come back the next year. The trees and everything is just so beautiful and how cute is that Koala Bear?! When I was little Koalas were my favorite animal and I had a little collection of them on my desk.
    Thanks for sharing all that beauty and cuteness with us!

  8. I can't imagine seeing a koala in the wild, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the large egg is a double yolk! Best wishes from me in southeastern North Carolina as we are getting ready for fall. Today was our first "cold" snap. It will probably get warmer before it starts getting cooler.

  9. Oh my gosh! I had to call my husband over to see the Koala bear! How precious is that!? I love it that you shared this for Fresh-Cut Friday!! :)

  10. Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  11. I cannot imagine how cool it would be to see a wild koala wander in to your garden!
    I love the jug you found and what lovely bird baths! xxx

  12. Wow, a koala in the yard! My kids would go nuts! Great finds! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  13. Love your vintage goodies and those three bird baths....I'll take them!! We only see koalas in the zoo, how fun that you can be sitting right there in your neighbor's yard and just see them in the wild. So cute!!! Thanks for sharing at VIP.

  14. What nice things you found and three birdbaths!? Very nice! That koala is adorable! Can't imagine seeing one in person!


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