Friday, October 31, 2014

Fun at the Fair

I look forward the the Annual Antiques Fair in the small country town of Woodside, which we have visited even before we moved to The Adelaide Hills. It's always worth getting there before it opens to scoop up any real bargains

a tortoiseshell dressing table jar for $6

my favourite buy....a set of miniature faded blocks from the 1950's...$5

a pair of antique shoe lasts $10 pair

a really old set of Shakespeare books  $5

a sweet little book with a homemade book mark inside $3

there are a couple more things which I haven't taken pics of yet which I will keep till next week 

In the garden this week

 maturing plums

 3 happy girls

one grumpy broody girl

Preserving lemons


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  1. One of our girls has gone just broody in the last couple of days too. It causes a bit of a commotion when the others want to lay as they all like to lay in the one nest.
    You scored some wonderful bargains at the Antiques Fair. x

  2. Lovely finds...I can't even pick a favourite!

  3. Some great finds as always, I love the show last I have a collection of those myself.

  4. That should have read...shoe lasts...

  5. I love your found treasures, especially the bricks because i can see my name in them.


  6. Hey you! I always love seeing your finds! You have the best eye for pieces that evoke that feeling of times gone past! And your! You have so much goodness bursting where you are! Lettuce and blooms and fruit!!! Such a sight indeed!!! And your chickens look so healthy and happy!! A wonderful weekend to you Meg! Nicole xo

  7. Lovely finds Meg! I once found a set of Charles Dickens books rather like your Shakespeares but on opening I discovered they'd been eaten by something. It looked like woodworm had munched through the pages. Bookworms? Freaky. xxx

  8. Oh, those books! I love to find ones with inscriptions. Is it officially summer yet? My favorite hen is the pouting one.

  9. Hi girls! What a lovely view of the country side. Thank you for sharing pictures of your latest finds, along with your flowers. Love the books of Shakespeare.

  10. Wonderful! Lucky you with all these finds! Congratulations. Every single piece is adorable. And to see a garden full of flowers is a gift for me as we start the last weeks of autumn here!
    Have a happy happy time

  11. those books !!!! just lovely !! I have been wanting such books for the shelf but I have been lazy to go out in search of them.. ...i ll probably get my ass out next week to hunt them..

  12. The old books are all amazing! And I love vintage jars and containers on my dresser, too! How pretty everything looks! Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. I sure wish you simply had a "follow me by email" option. The whole Facebook/Bloglovin option just makes it hard and I thought twice - finally deciding to forget it altogether. I don't Face, Tweet, Instagram or any of those other nonsense things. I just like to visit interesting sites.

  14. Your garden is looking just as lovely as always! Love your finds, especially those Shakespeare books. What a bargain! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  15. That "homemade" bookmark is a Palm, given out on Palm Sunday at a Catholic service.

    1. Thank you Julia for the heads up on the Palm !

  16. Wow you found some amazing deals. Love the shoe molds!
    Thanks for linking up at the VIP party.

  17. Lovely finds and your garden is looking so fresh and lovely too.

  18. I am in love with your blog, love all the vintage, hens and all! Love if you share this on Fabulous Friday Party Thanks Maria

  19. Wow, my husband would love those Shakespeare books....great finds! I had to look twice to make sure the picture of the open fields was real or a painting...gorgeous!!

  20. I enjoyed my visit! Do you plan to provide links to the other blogs you shared at?


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx