Friday, February 6, 2015

Beautiful Blues

I have a collection of aqua vintage bottles but I love these 3 lovely blue bottles in beautiful condition  found by David

 This 1880's book is also in beautiful condition and a gorgeous colour

Another old book from the 1880's of love poems

glass/carafe $1 for the guest room

follow me girls...I know where the fridge is




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  1. Hello Meg,

    Your vintage bottles are very pretty. The old glass looks so beautiful when it catches the light and makes such fabulous coloured shadows. We have a few old cobalt blue chemist bottles and they are a joy.

    The covers of the Victorian books have such incredible detail. It is sad that these days rather than hold such a wonderful cover in the hands people are more likely to be reading electronically.

  2. Loving the beautiful book covers, there is nothing like the feel and the smell of an old book.

  3. I love seeing your girls all in a row with their festive attire on! I appreciate cobalt glass, too, and the aqua kind is especially nice. I love the book cover from My Cousin From Australia. So dainty. I am still loving your lush lawns! Ours are still brown. Spring will come in her good ol' time. The beauty is worth waiting for.

  4. These cute hens coming curiously in the kitchen, up to the fridge......
    Oh´s and ah´s seeing this wonderful glass carafe for only 1 $ and then the the blue book: My Cousin from Australia, makes me curious. Do you also read these old books? And the topper a book with love poems. You have a great collection of antiques and vintage stuff.

  5. Beautiful old blue bottles, and of course I always love your books. Happy weekend to you.

  6. Lovely blog you have here, thanks! I'm wondering what kind of chickens your hens might be? We are in need of new chicks and I'd live to have some like yours if we can get them here in the U.S. Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Your glass bottle collection is stunning!! I need to get some ASAP! Happy day to you! Nicole xo

  8. Oh these views...
    Love the bottles!

  9. Those blue bottles look lovely next to your beautiful blue typewriter. x

  10. I was going to say exactly what Zara said! Great styling! And more beautiful books. Wonderful finds. xx

  11. What lovely photos you take. Cute chickens. I'm loving the add for Harness' Electropathic Belt. Because there is nothing like a consultation with an electrician to get me feeling better, lol.

  12. Gorgeous! I love your bottles and the girls! Your yard is so inviting looking! Ours is covered with 2 feet of snow which is pretty, but I long for green grass!

  13. So many great finds! I adore bottles and like to use some of the more plain ones to alter. The pretty ones I leave alone. Your landscape photos are gorgeous!

  14. I always love looking at your beautiful yard, Meg - it gives me inspiration (and hope) for my own yard! I'm loving all your pretty bottles too! Thanks for sharing them at the VIParty this week!

  15. Beautiful old bottles and vintage books are a weakness of mine. You found some real treasures. Love 'the girls' waiting for a handout and your gardens are lovely any time of day. xo Karen

  16. What beautiful blues, everything here is snow white!

  17. Beautiful blues indeed! I love it all and the photos are lovely. I found you via Charm of Home. Thank you for the nice pleasant read! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. I am love with each one of your bottles. I love grouping bottles together in different vignettes.

    Have a lovely Valentine's weekend.


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