Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Bit Girlie

As I have said before sometimes the week that was runs in a theme...this week it's a bit girlie or maybe my inner shabby chic demons escaped ( I try and keep a rein on them)
These 2 pretties were picked up for the grand total of $7

a useful bucket for   throwing away makeup tissues in the en suite bathroom

a not so useful pretty bottle

Tucked away in a box in a small antique shop a very old and faded roses tapestry rug which has no backing so I will have to work out what to do with it but ohhh it's purty !!!!

The relentless record breaking heat rolls on . It was 43 again yesterday with high we have any garden left is a miracle. Yesterday morning we had to be ready to pack a few things for evacuation as there was a fire in the vineyard just outside our town . It was frightening to see the water bombing planes flying over our house. We were lucky... it was put out this time before it spread

The hills from my front verandah......tinder dry

I picked these darling survivors at dawn that they even flower is a miracle

I used some of the roses that I dried to decorate my 1950's hatbox I bought last year

Can you believe this hydrangea has survived 5 weeks of heat inside in a vase!!

On one of the cooler days last week I made plum jam

Picked heaps of tomatoes ( we covered with sheets so they didn't cook on the bush)

In the next few weeks the nectarines and pears and cucumbers will be ready

What I'm reading this week

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  1. Hi Meg, great idea to cover your tomatoes as a lot of mine have been scorched by the heat. Luckily I've had a great harvest this year and made lots of tomato sauce to freeze and even given away heaps as well. It's another hot one here today and I am really hanging out for some rain. You know I have that exact same bucket, minus the lid, in my bathroom. Mine's the larger version and use it to hold the tp. I can't get over the views where you live.. you are so lucky. I would kill for views like that. Oh well I can still dream. I got my first cucumbers last week. Do you have trouble with birds?I do.. a lot. Had to make a 'scarecrow' which i just blogged about, to help scare them away and I think it's working. take care, Maryann

  2. Hi Maryann......we have nets over the orchard but the birds are still getting under......rosellas,galahs,parrots as there is an apple orchard over the back fence,then a river. A scarecrow is a great idea!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm glad you are okay! I love the bottle find and how you modeled it by the mercury glass. Lovely!


  4. You made jam on a hot day. You are superhuman!

  5. I've been wondering how you've been faring over there in the heat, knowing that the Adelaide hills get so dry. Your flowers are pretty despite the heat giving them a rough time. Take care and stay safe.
    Anne xx

  6. Oh man, that rug is exquisite. They don't have backs just a hem round the edge but you can buy a non slip mat to lay it on so you won't go skidding accross the floor!
    Fire evacuation sounds pretty scary. You'd need a truck to pack up all your beautiful things! Stay safe. xxx

  7. That's one long lasting hydrangea bloom.
    The plum jam looks delicious. x

  8. I love that tapestry! Could it be framed? Put on a footstool?

  9. Must have been scary to think of evacuating.

  10. Wow, it's hot over there right now! I remember those days of being in Oz during your summers. I think our hottest temp in Utah this past summer was 43 or 44 c and that was hot. It is a desert here, but after a few days of that, I was over it even though I do love the heat. I hope you stay safe and out of fire danger for the rest of the summer! Love your flowers! xo

  11. I'm jealous - my fake hydrangeas barely make it five weeks inside a vase ;)

  12. Sounds like TEXAS in the summer - and our dry grass is much the same, especially the past few years. That tapestry rug is lovely, as is the hydrangea - are those tarnished silver trophies I spy?
    Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday, Meg. :)

  13. I'm glad you are all right and that the fire did not reach your home. The blues and greens of the hydrangea work so well with your vintage globe.

  14. Goodness what a long time for a hydrangea to last! Especially in the heat. Your plum jam looks delicious too xx

  15. I'm so sorry about your scorching temps and drought! The fire sounds terrifying. Your finds, as always, are lovely though!

  16. So nice to meet you Meg! Love all your gorgeous treasures here. Your new "trash bucket" is so adorable along with the chic bottle. Incredible price!
    Praying for gentle rains for you and yours - Blessings, Edie Marie

  17. My goodness, how scary for you. What are your plans for the tapestry? I wonder if there's anyway to revive the colours?

    1. Just stash it away until I have a flash of inspiration Kura :-)

  18. I think you did pretty well for your $7! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It
    History & Home link party, Tue-Fri weekly

  19. Love that bottle! So very pretty! Thanks for linking to TTF!!

  20. Those golden hills look just like the southern and central coast of California.

  21. I'm from Blue Friday. We're having below zero temps in the midwest. Love the kitty and the globe the best.

  22. How lovely to meet you - via The Charm of Home. What an interesting place you live in - I'll be back!

  23. That vintage bucket is just lovely. Well, everything you did is great!!!

    The Quiet Mom @ Pastrami French Dip with Bell Peppers and Caramelized Onion (

  24. Stopping by via TTF :) Your white side table with the hydrangea and globe looks like it's right out of a magazine!! Beautiful. Hard to believe somewhere in the world is as hot as you are while we sit under 18" of snow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Diana

  25. Has our weather not gone completely crazy!! I hope you got some of that much needed rain that rolled across our southern states this week Meg. We even managed to get some up here on the mid north coast, which was greatly appreciated. Great post filled with all kinds of interesting things from your part of the world Meg. Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx