Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Good News and the Bad News

I'll start on a positive  note I think.....we have had a lovely Friday and Saturday poking around lots of interesting and dusty shops!
A trip to the city and a Vinnies op shop old leather monogrammed large suitcase with nice moire silk navy lining for $10

A linen  fillet  crochet tea cloth for $2

We took a trip yesterday to  the Adelaide Hills town of Strathalbyn which has lots of antique markets.

I found 2 Victorian books  for my collection for $5 each

And a vintage fabric covered suitcase....up~cycled in the 70's for $6

Now for the bad news - since we moved in to this house in August we have spent most of our time in the garden ..putting in a vegetable garden, hatching our own chooks ,and loving restoring the orchard which most is almost ripe
Next week's weather forecast is for at least 6 days of 40 - 45  (104F - 113F) degree heat with no mention of a change in sight. We will probably lose most veg and fruit especially the plums, our young chooks are going to be a challenge . We may lose some of our new trees and all the roses will have to be cut right back.
We have tried to harvest all the veg, added a shade cloth roof over the chook run, watered,watered and watered and just hope there are bushfires up here

Picked most of the roses for drying

Watered the lawns

Harvested garlic and rhubarb

What I'm reading this week

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  1. Oh, I hope you are able to save your hard work. Weather does its own thing and doesn't care about all of our hard work.

    Everything looks beautiful.

  2. We had 45 C yesterday in Perth. We rigged up extra shade -90% -over the lettuce and the passionfruit vine (which has a humongous crop just-about-ready) and they all survived yesterday. Today is 41 C expected. I think we will be OK.

    The roses had some sappy new growth, but they survived.

    Hope yours will be OK too.

  3. Your finds are all so fantastic! Those books and that fabric covered suitcase are lovely! And I do hope that your garden makes it through...I know how hard it is to lose your beautiful plants to the elements. Keep up with what you are doing...from your shots everything looks so healthy and pretty! Let us know how it is all going...Nicole

  4. You have found some lovely things, I love old books especially. I do hope your garden will survive the extreme heat. That is one of the things I don't miss about living in Western Australia, the extreme heat and how the gardens just shrivel up before your eyes. It's not a matter of how much you water, it's the air temperature as well. You chooks should be fine if you go down and water their pen to make some damp spots for them to sit in and spray them with some water a couple of times during the day. I did that with with my chooks on really hot days, they loved it. Good luck with it all and I hope you have lots of cooling drinks in your fridge.
    Anne xx

  5. Wonderful finds, just love the books and the crochet linen piece. So sorry to hear of your terrible heat. Such a lovely garden, and how sad to lose your fruits and veggies before they're ready. Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Hi there, Im down here in the foothills....with your new chookies...just make sure they have plenty of water...and spray down their enclosure to make it can spray chooks too if they need it and seem to be stressed...I spray mine, they hate it, but its better than them carking it....
    good luck with the garden...we have market umbrellas covering our vegies...and as long as you keep the water up to them, they will be fine.................

  7. The extreme heat really is too much. The chooks don't like it, the garden sure doesn't either.
    I hope the weather isn't as hot as forecast.

  8. I love your suitcases! I hardly ever find them here for decent prices these days. Sorry about your heat wave, though. I know how awful that can be. I have some large old trees on my property that are still suffering the afteraffects of our extreme heat and draught two summers ago! I will keep my fingers crossed that your garden makes it through.

  9. Gorgeous suitcases, books, and chickens ! ;) Your garden is so dreamy, hope it prevails the heat!

  10. Amazing finds! Your garden is beautiful--I'm so sorry about the heat; that's brutal.
    (I found you via the link on Small but Charming.)

  11. Wow, what a view, and your garlic looks delicious.

  12. Some great finds! Hope your garden, your chooks - and you! - survive the Big Heat. You live in a lovely place, but not sure I could handle those temps. X

  13. It all looks so good. hope the heat doesn't last too long or do too much damage. Good luck.

  14. Oh my gosh, your garden is just fantastic. So very pretty! Here's hoping the stifling heat doesn't ruin your hard work! I live in Arizona and know all too well how summer's heat can fry a garden.

  15. I love those suitcases, they're wonderful. You have a gorgeous garden, hope it doesn't suffer to much heat damage. I'm afraid I have no idea what a chook is but I hope they survive too.

  16. I hope it's not as bad as you anticipate Meg. Bushfires are a worry. Stay safe and cool x

  17. OH NO, Meg! That sounds terrible. I hope you can minimize the damage from the heat. I hope you have a plan for the chooks. Do let us know how things go after the heat wave. Christa

  18. Love your wonderful finds...and hope the heat is not so terrible to your beautiful gardens.

  19. It is so pretty where you live...hope the heat won't do too much damage! Your finds are gorgeous!

  20. OMG that's hot, hope you are all doing ok. Meg, those books! so intricate, and absolutely beautiful, they would cost a small fortune each here! take care xxx

  21. I love the suitcases you found - they are fabulous. Hope all is well weather-wise!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  22. Your yard and garden is beautiful and I love your finds.

  23. Wish I lived nearby, I would enjoy helping you work in the yard and garden. I love being outside. Going to work in my yard today since the sun is shining, but still cool.

  24. Hope you are able to save your garden. You certainly found some great treasures this week. Have a great week.

  25. I really hope your garden is able to be saved. So much work! Love the suitcases you found! Thanks for linking to TTF!

  26. Oh my, that is a bit warm, hope your veggies make it. The view from you home is beautiful. Love the crocheted tea cloth. Your chicks are cute!

  27. I just heard on tonight's news about the heat wave you are having. I hope your chooks make it through just fine. I adore your backyard and view. What a wonderful place you have there.


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