Sunday, January 5, 2014

Treasure Hunting in the New Year

My first parcel to arrive after New Year's Day was a little treasure I found for a snip to add to my growing vintage collection of wedding wreaths and it is so pretty
We usually head down the hill on Friday to the city for supermarket shopping ( I  still can't get used to the hairpin curves on the winding road) and sometimes we have to time to check out my old op shop haunts. LOVE this old linen half finished embroidered table cloth. I have found a few over the years and always grab them . This one was $4 at the Animal Welfare Shop
We did a road trip on Saturday to a couple of old historic country towns nearby and stopped at 3 op shops in Mannum ( on the Murray River)  and I found my second pie crust mirror ....I want 3 different shapes for my bathroom.....for $2...YAY!
This is the pic I posted a few weeks ago of the first one I found at Savers . I'm hoping to find an oval or round one  
A pretty bunch of hydrangeas bought at the Farmer's Market
Stopped a cute General Store/ Second Hand Shop in a tiny town called Palmer, and bought a couple of  small things yet to be photographed
In the garden this week we harvested our first carrots
Started free ranging the girls
And scarified the lawn

Love this book I'm reading from the Library this week   

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  1. That mirror is gorgeous! I hope you can find the other one's you are looking for. Your town looks like it has some great places to shop.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  2. Those old mirrors are lovely and they do look amazing when displayed in a group.
    The chooks sure do enjoy free-ranging. Ours have a love of mulch and like to rearrange it all over the lawn, very cheeky they are.

  3. The half finished table cloth. Love it!

  4. Lots more great finds, I bet the eggs taste great.

  5. You're chickens are probably the happiest chicks ever, getting to roam that beautiful garden!

  6. Lucky chickens! Eggs from pasture-raised chickens are the best!

  7. Great finds. I love the wedding wreath and the mirror is so, so pretty.

  8. Both of the mirrors are amazing...I can't wait to see the finished look once you find a third! Happy New Year!

  9. Great finds. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


  10. The mirror is amazing. Love the vase of hydrangeas, too :) Those bring me back to childhood, had a fascination with that flower.

  11. Gosh, that mirror IS beautiful, but the star of this post as far as I'm concerned is your gorgeous yard! With those mountain ranges in the distance! It looks right out of a movie!

  12. Stunning mirrors! Hope you find the round one soon as I look forward to seeing them hung on the wall! Happy New year Meg! xx

  13. Your mirrors are wonderful. I appreciate your other photos -- the chickens, hydrangeas, carrots. And the unfinished embroidery pieces are just lovely. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  14. Wow...swooning over the mirror AND THE PRICE!!!

  15. i have only just twigged that you are in the adelaide hills! no wonder i love your pictures of it all so much. an english cousin moved out there a few`years ago and i visited him and we toured all the small towns in the hills and i just loved the place. but anyway, exquisite taste, and luck as usual in evidence here, madly in love with both the wreath and the mirror ($2-wow!) xxx

  16. What a beautiful yard and view!! What a fun post to see some bits of your life and home! Have a wonderful day, Lori

  17. Wow, I love your mirrors, and the fresh hydrangeas. Send us some of your sunshine:-)

  18. You really scored on the mirrors. Amazing finds.

  19. Love the mirror and the tablecloth. Do you embroider? It would have to be cross stitch for me to finish it. The wreath is lovely! Happy VTT!

  20. I do love the pie crust mirrors...hope you find another you like.
    Here from Colorado Lady.

  21. Enjoyed your post very much. You shared some most interesting things.

  22. you unearthed
    some truly lovely finds

    all the sparkle and shine
    of those mercury glass pieces are my favorite

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  23. Love, love, love your mirrors! And the price is unbelievable!!!! Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine! Great post. Now following your blog!!

  24. Gosh I just love your mirrors! So so pretty shapes! Sending you happy weekend wishes from Germany

  25. What an incredible buy on that beautiful mirror!! I very rarely see any like that around here! Happy VTT!

  26. I love that mirror! It has beautiful detail, something hard to find these days!

  27. Great thrift shop finds, and your carrots are gorgeous--it's freezing here in upstate NY, so I'm just a bit jealous...

  28. Didn't know those gorgeous mirrors were called pie crust...makes perfect sense. Yummy looking carrots.

  29. I just found you on the Thrifty Groove. The pie crust mirror you found is beautiful. Can't wait to see what other treasures you find along the way.

  30. Love the mirrors!! I know you will find that third one soon! Thanks for linking up to TTF this week.


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