Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Lucky Find

Whoo Hoo!!!! At last I found a  marble topped sewing machine table that was a steal.
We were driving back up to the hills after a long day in the city yesterday and suddenly Mr VL said lets stop and check out the Antique market . When we went in the owner was dragging stuff in from a buy at a retirement village to clean it up before pricing and I saw this and pounced... BARGAIN...SOLD! I saw a beautiful table at a garden nursery 2 weeks was hundreds of dollars.
This one is a Wertheim Frankfurt and the marble has lovely patina. Sometimes you find something when you least expect it!
Its been a big week in the garden this week and yesterday Mr VL worked from 8 till 8 pruning ,planting and trimming. He reckons that there is about 5 years neglect with watering and pruning which has a disastrous effect on some of the European trees...anyway I'm not the landscape expert in the family...I just let him have his way
We planted heaps more pink David Austin roses...
Plus Crepuscule, Champagner and more Pierre De Ronsard and potted up Hydrangeas and petunias and a beautiful Weeping Japanese Maple 
We put some spotlights in the ground to uplight the 200 year old gum and the golden elm at night
The lovely little Pinkie roses massed on a fence are starting to fade so I have been picking bunches and drying them in the pantry....they dry to a nice deep colour
The veg garden is doing really well, especially the lettuce, beans and carrots
Our hatchlings are now 8 weeks and we have advertised a new home for our 2 boys...
That's Russell Crowe and Roger Ramjet is the speckled sussex behind him( is it just me or is he looking accusing at me)
This morning I'm going to do nothing but read my new library book!

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  1. It's always nice to find something that's been on your wish list for so long. Such a beautiful marble topped table it is. x

  2. I love it come all your wishlist bits are the same as mine!....but you seem to find yours. you give me hope!. wow I could check out your garden all day....pop Mr VL in the post would you.....that's an idea hire him out to all us frustrated gardeners. im aiming for a pierre de Ronsard over our trellis.....just have to build the trellis first....yoohoo Mr VL!!!!!....Al x

  3. Beautiful! Great find and loved the featured blue and white bowl.

  4. Gorgeous! And Rachel Ashwell's Prairie is located about 25 miles from where we live in Central Texas!
    I have toured it but not stayed there...we are very close to Round Top and Warrenton where the bi-annual Antique Weekends are's nice but not as pretty as where you are!

  5. Love your find! I have one too with a marble top and I have it on the front verandah.. a bit neglected really so I need to get out there and fix it up. Anyway I love your garden and that view of yours is to die for! I live on acres but have no view. Your roses are looking lovely.. I have a pinkie too and some pierre de ronsards that I planted this year to grow over an arch and I also love my David Austin roses. Your hubby is doing a wonderful job with the garden. take care, Maryann

  6. Looking good, garden and finds ! catch up soon, I hope.
    Shirl xx

  7. So many lovely pink flowers! I love them all but Hydrangeas are my real favorites. So glad to see you have some :-)


  8. Your library book looks good, so I put a hold on it at my library!

  9. Love the garden views. Great luck finding the sewing machine base with the marble already attached. And, yes, he is looking accusingly at you!

  10. Beautiful! I <3 the sewing machine tables too:) Pinning, Happy Thanksgiving

  11. That table is to die for! It fits so well with your beautiful garden. And your chicken named Russell Crowe...that totally made my day!

  12. I love your sewing machine table. It's so nostalgic for me as my grandmother had one in her kitchen that we all liked so much back in the early 1960's. My dad copied that idea and made one for our patio that we played games and dined on for many years. The table part is gone, but traveled to Florida with them 25 years ago and has weathered out the years in their garden. I suddenly feel a desperate need to rescue it and move it to my porch.

    1. Hi Jeannie! You definitely should rescue it !!!

  13. Awesome table! The garden is looking so fantastic. Enjoy it while you can and get your paint out when it's winter! xxx

  14. Oh WOW, I would have jumped on that table too! Fantastic! The view you have is just amazing. If I had a porch like that I'd never get anything done. Ha ha. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It
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  15. All the hard work and time spent in your garden is paying off. It is beautiful. Yes, you were lucky on the table find.

  16. your table looks beautiful, especially with the galvanised bucket of flowers on it-I'm totally going to plant up a bucket like that, it looks wonderful! Pink roses are my absolute favourite. I only have one, a small climbing rose, totally going to copy your drying idea! and I'm going to see if my library has that book!!!!
    Lots of inspiration here Meg as usual. Thanks so much for linking in, and have a great weekend in that stunning spot of yours xxx

  17. I just discovered you via My Romantic Home -- love looking at your photos of the beautiful hills in Australia! I am going to bookmark you so I can go back and go through your blog for more. We love "Russell Crowe" -- very funny!

  18. What gorgeous pictures. The garden looks great.

  19. My goodness. It looks like you live in paradise! What a view!


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx