Sunday, November 10, 2013

Country Town Treasures

A lovely day was spent driving around the Barossa Valley and stopping off at little shops and fossicking around for treasures ( and of course lunch at a country pub....bread and butter pudding with caramel sauce, cream and icecream   (DECADENT AND DIVINE)
We found this in a back room in a pile of old household pieces (wish we could of bought more)
There is 2 fruit dipping baskets, an old bucket and enamel bowl...all to be used for plants and herbs in the garden

Another vintage book for my collection
A vintage 1930's ring box...lovely condition inside
Our 6 chicks are 6 weeks old and it now seems 2 are roosters and we will have to find a new home for can see the difference in size in this picture
The garden is in full spring mode and roses new to us are opening these are "Pinkie"
"Apricot Delight"
We tested the automatic watering system at sunset and took an interesting shot!
I found an Australian White Ibis wandering around in the garden ... good grief!
Baby apples

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  1. Love the metal baskets and I am dying over the ring box!

  2. The sun streaming into your garden is stunning.
    The fruit dipping baskets are wonderful aren't they. x

  3. You always find such wounderful things, and your garden is so pretty at diferent times of the year.

  4. oh the ring box is adorable!....and the metal baskets are on my wish list. sounds like your weekend was a winner!! x

  5. The metal baskets are lovely but I have no idea why they are called 'fruit dipping' baskets. What's that all about?
    Amazing bird in your garden! xx

  6. What a wonderful treasure hunt you had on the weekend. Those fruit dipping baskets are gorgeous! Your garden is so lovely, Meg. I love your purple prunus everywhere! I've put a few in this year and I'd like to put lots more in for next year as I love those trees. Your garden is amazing. So very pleased to have found your lovely blog:) x

  7. I love that ring box! Great find! That Ibis is beautiful.

  8. Enjoyed the lovely photos. Have never see fruit dipping baskets before but would love to find some.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Great vintage finds and lovely pictures of your flowers.

  10. I love the baskets. Your dessert sounds wonderful! A fun time! The garden is lovely. Glad the chickens are happy!

  11. Since we are getting ready for Winter here, it's lovely to see your beautiful Spring garden and yard. Love those buckets and baskets. I buy those whenever I find them. There are so many uses!


  12. Those vintage metal containers do make great planters.Your yard and flowers are lovely.

  13. Your garden is so beautiful, and the scenic view is priceless. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I just became your newest follower. I would love for you to follow my blog as well at . I look forward to visiting your site again soon.

    Have a beautiful day.
    Betty (maddiebellahome)

  14. Looks so beautiful. It's so funny to see all your spring things, when we are all autumn leaves/rain/wind/the heatings on/where are my gloves/your not going out without a coat!

  15. Great finds :) If you have a minute, stop by and share at my new link party, Everyday Vintage. Your style is the perfect fit. Would love to see you there!

    Lisa @ Helene's Legacy


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