Friday, May 8, 2015

Blue Finds

I love these 5 bowls I found in a charity shop. They are circa 1900 and were a steal at $5 for the lot. Mind you I had to push the friend I was with out of the way to grab them first!!

A set of 4 cereal bowls for $2

the pink hyacinth bulbs which are in the pantry are sprouting well

Dawn's first rays

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  1. I was so impressed with the 5 dishes, you are one lucky lady with your beautiful vintage finds.

  2. I love blue and turquoise items. Oh, and pink, and flowered, and ...well, guess I am a nut for pretty!

  3. Those transferware bowls are STUNNING!!! They need to be on display in a rack or basket or something!!!

  4. My goodness I about fell off the chair at those landscape photos you captured! MY GOODNESS! I would never get sick of that beauty! Just amazing Meg! Have a lovely weekend and such awesome finds my friend! Nicole xo

  5. Lovely blog! and pictures, thanks for sharing...blessings

  6. Gorgeous crockery! I love the delicate floral ones. Are the stripey ones Cornish ware or Somerset ware? They're very seasidey. Your view looks all better after the fires! It's amazing how fast nature recovers. xxx

  7. I love to watch cats sleep. We have 5. At night when all is quiet, I hear their snores and breathing. We have one who cries out in her sleep. Eventually, she relaxes and is quiet again.

  8. Oh, lucky you!!! Your finds are absolutely adorable. Beautiful looking treasures! Great. And: You are living in a fantastic and extreme good looking part oft his world.
    All my best from Austria

  9. Your first paragraph made me laugh. I've resorted to some pushing and shoving with my sister as well when I saw something I knew she would want. Oh, and the photograph of your land is so incredibly pretty. I could stare at that view for hours.

    1. Thank you...on the horizon all the gold coloured trees are pine forests destroyed by a bushfire in Jan which will have to be cut down as they don't renew...all that was green landscape 5 months ago...still we are blessed we didn't lose our home

  10. The bowls are beautiful - well worth pushing your friend for. ;)

  11. Those are some wonderful finds! Visiting you from The Dedicated House's Anything Blue Friday

  12. You truly found some gorgeous treasures. And what a steal. The blue vintage bowls are spectacular.


  13. What great finds! Sorry about your friend though...truth be told haven't we all done that sometimes in our treasure hunting. ;-)

  14. Great find! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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