Friday, November 7, 2014

Everything is Coming up Roses

It may be too hot for Spring weather but I'm loving picking all the opening roses in my garden,many of them newly planted but I have got a couple of found goodies to share first

I got this dome to add to my collection a few years back, to put my much loved stone pears, and when I spotted a marble based cheese platter for $1 at the charity shop,I ditched the top and just kept the marble base.

A darling bonnet from last week's  fair for $3.50 for my collection

from the charity shop a new heavy cotton tote $2

 Mr VL bought a brand new in the box telescope for $20

My birthday was on Halloween and my Mum has asked me to choose something myself in the last couple of years. I have always had a love for antique costume jewellery from the Victorian/Edwardian era,so I have started collecting a piece a year. This year  I chose a belcher rose gold ring with a paste Spinel stone from about 1900. I've now got a little collection of 3 pieces altogether

The garden is full of opening roses 

As for our grumpy broody girl we read on the web that they become overheated with hormones and bathing them in ice water helps

( I wonder whether this will work for me)

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  1. What a wonderful idea choosing a piece of jewellery each birthday. The ring is stunning. Is it your size?
    p.s. I know that 'not impressed' look on your chooks face. very cute

  2. Happy belated birthday, the ring is beautiful. Such a wonderful idea to choose a piece that you really want. Loved the bonnet, a great find.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the little bonnet and all the beautiful Roses!!

  4. such a beautiful blog on a miserable rainy day in the uk xxx

  5. What glorious colour. I'm missing that already and Autumn has only just begun here.


  6. Happy birthday dear friend! That ring is stunning and that bonnet reminds me of the ones my mom used to put on us when we were little. She never wanted us to get sun burned! And are you kidding me with your blooms....the wave of blooms from your roses are out of this world as are all of your blooms! What a treat! Enjoy the garden!!! Nicole xo

  7. Belated Happy Birthday, I'm a Scorpio too :-) Your garden and view are just STUNNING!!!

  8. As i drool over your blooms, I sit chilled to the bone with a mug of hot chocolate. I hope broody hen was cured by the ice bath. Love your b-day present.

  9. This is a lovely post, I have enjoyed all your photos. Thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers and I wish you a very happy week :)

  10. I love the roses and the clematis and the foxgloves are wonderful too.

  11. Once again, your flowers are such a treat as I sit here surrounded by snow. Thank you for sharing them!

  12. I've just found your comment on my blog so I've come visiting you and your lovely blog! Your roses and your garden are lovely, no wonder we love roses so much! Your hills look rather like where we used to live here in north eastern Victoria, rocks and all although we didn't have them in the garden. I too love the idea of your vintage jewellry birthday presents! xxx

  13. I love your new ring! So vintage and pretty! My Mom Jane gives me a piece of her jewelry every year on my birthday....kind of the same! Your gardens are gorgeous...I am wishing for Spring.

  14. Happy belated birthday, love the ring you chose for your gift this year. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous vintage finds and beautiful garden at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  15. I love your garden; so colorful. I hope your hen is happier. It's a great idea to get a special piece of jewelry for every birthday. I give my kids a nice ornament every Christmas so when they have their own trees, they will have nice ornaments to decorate their trees with.

  16. Morning Meg,
    Nice to meet an Austrailian blogger.......I am from Florida in the United States. Your garden is amazing,
    so beautiful, love all those roses, and the scenery in your yard, so breathtaking.
    Belated Happy Birthday as well, hope it was a good one. Very neat vintage ring, as well as your other vintage goodies. Enjoyed my visit, and hope to cross paths in the future.
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. The ring is gorgeous and the bonnet is so sweet. I am jealous of your roses. We have a winter's worth of snow to get through soon! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  18. Your garden is beautiful! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  19. When I saw that bonnet I was so envious, it's exquisite. The handwork on it is so beautiful. What a gorgeous vintage piece to have.
    When our youngest was little my sister in law crocheted her a beautiful dress. she never wore it but still has it. think it was for about a 4 yr. old, she's now 44.
    Your ring is very pretty, love the vintage jewelry so much more than new pieces. The handwork on old jewelry is so much prettier with details. I have a ring that was my Grandmother's, two of the opals are gone but I won't part with it. The gold is 18K. Worth holding onto things. I'm 74 now so you can imagine how old that ring is.
    When I was 52 we moved to MT from San Diego, CA to 20 acres out in country. Talk about a culture shock, I was a big city girl until then. I no longer want to live in town, love being out in country. After MT we moved to KY where we had 1 1/2 acres out in country, then we moved to western CO out in country where we have 1/2 acre. I'd go back to MT in a minute. We've also lived in southern AZ where I met my husband. It might not be as convenient as town but I love that space and peace. We have houses around but not on top of us as it was in San Diego.
    Your garden is so breath taking, and your view, oh my, I envy you that also, so green and pretty. Do you like being out in country now? I've always wanted to visit Australia. I'm part gypsy in my heart anyway. I used to go with my husband when he was an over road trucker all over United States and some of Canada. I hope you're happy out in country.
    We have 5 chickens, is it the hormones that make them peck each other? We really don't know about things like that. The chickens were given to us this summer and we keep them in our back yard. They're free to roam back yard except at night when they're in their pen. Did the cool bath help your chicken?
    Western CO is cold usually this time of year. We usually have snow and cold temps, down in 20's during day and much less at night, but this year is so different, I even hung laundry out today. It's in 50's here so we're enjoying it very much. Glad I clicked on this post, it's so nice to be able to "meet" people in other countries. I'll have to look on map where you are. Think will subscribe to your blog.
    Happy week


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx