Friday, November 28, 2014

Gates and Baubles

A great find  for the ancient  cast iron farm gate and old post to attach it to
We had to beat a few people to the shop to buy it !

A vintage mid century Wembley Ware pudding bowl

I found a big bag of old Christmas balls for 50c  and picked out the vintage  glass ones, still with their original wires, and chucked the modern plastic

My favourite find for 10c...a large sea shell  for my collection's so pretty

In the garden this week

We had a nasty I rushed out and picked 3 vases of the last spring roses and it will be a few weeks now until  summer roses  with a few odd roses popping up

Morning after the storm

Vegetable garden

the  lawns have been fed with a high nitrogen feed

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  1. The gate is lovely. Where in your beautiful garden are you going to install it?
    And those vintage ornaments. you did pretty well with that many in a bag. x

  2. I love your Wembley Ware pudding bowl! Very lovely shade of blue. Yay! Saved the roses. The bunch of pink roses is beautiful. Say hi to the girls for me!

  3. Your yard and surrounding land is so gorgeous. Beautiful roses and I love the old gate. That is one fantastic looking hen!

  4. The vintage ornaments are very evocative of childhood for me. The tree being decorated was always a very exciting time.

    Jean x

  5. Such gorgeousness Meg! It has made me realise too that I have some baubles amongst my collection which have been in the family since before they were vintage! cheers Wendy

  6. Fantastic finds, especially those baubles. I love the way they have that little bit of mottling on them from age. Old gates aren't that easy to come by so well done on scoring that one.
    Anne xx

  7. I saw ''baubles'' in your title and my finger hit the mouse in lightening fast time. Fabulous! The indented ones are VERY sought after here and fetch high prices on ebay. I also love your gate! Will you have to paint it? The patina is wonderful. Too nice for the garden! xxx

  8. You found some wonderful vintage treasures! I'm loving the pudding bowl and the blue vase of pink roses. I collect that color of pottery. Your gardens are lovely, looking out over that fabulous view! xo Karen

  9. Morning after the storm looks magical!

  10. The farm gate is awesome. Love the pudding bowl too! And I'm very jealous of those roses...not a single thing growing around here at the moment. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  11. Wow, what a fantastic and beautiful area you're living in. Morning after the storm is such a strong picture!!! Love to see the green and your roses and your garden - as we are close to winter here! Thank you for making my day brighter!
    Have a happy time and all my best from Austria

  12. Hi there, I hopped over from Make It Pretty Monday! Great finds--the gate is awesome but the Vintage ornaments are my favorite! I shop for them year round! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. You found so many neat things! I love the gate and the Christmas balls! And what a beautiful seashell. We like all the same things! Happy holidays!

  14. Love those vintage ornaments, they always make me smile. I can't believe how lush and green your yard is! Thank you for sharing at VIParty.

  15. Awesome stuff, flowers and view. Happy holidays!

  16. Your gate is gorgeous....what a find! AND....your view....oh my! You'd never get us to come inside lol!!
    ~ Karla & Karrie

  17. I bet there was much gnashing of teeth by the people you beat out for that gate! Lovely pictures. Enjoyed your post very much. Visiting from My Romantic Home.

  18. I can see fighting people off for the gate, it's gorgeous! But the true show stopper are the ornaments, so great and for 50¢ I AM JEALOUS!! : )

  19. Gorgeous scenery and I love you vintage ornaments! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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