Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Wet and Thrifty Saturday

This weekend has been rain, hail, wind and freezing temperatures. We have just left what we need for the next 2 weeks unpacked and needed to go to the local dump with stuff we don't want to take to the new house. It was pouring rain , but  I could see the gleam of copper on a big pile of rubbish WHOO HOO...soooo I begged the council guy could I buy them ...AND he said "what tubs, I never saw them" I got them for nothing!!!!. They are early 1900's laundry boiling tubs ..perfect for storing wood or for growing herbs (Mr VL is very impressed as he doesn't think the guy was supposed to give them away!)
It was still pouring when we stopped at a garage sale out that way (poor things they had a table under a carport and looked freezing) and I found this old Art Deco trophy, which is something on my wishlist , for $10 It will look great next to my vintage globes in the bookshelves we are going to have built in. The trophy has a nice Bakelite base
I saw these 1970's bedside tables listed on Gumtree and we picked them up on Friday. I had intended to paint them white ...but I think I'll live with them a while as they have a nice rich creamy patina, and I have ordered some crystal knobs to replace the VERY 70's  handles
I'm having two old chairs recovered ( the upholsterer has had them for MONTHS) and he has finally finished the small carved Edwardian chair which had a yukky green material. I found this cream linen offcut for free so this chair was covered for only $50...the beautiful bedroom chair will now have to be delivered to our Hills House

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  1. I love that trophy, I always have me eyes peeled for one but don't see them very often. I found one years ago and haven't run across one since. The chair looks lovely!

  2. Lucky you I love the look of your coppers.

  3. Great coppers and really interesting trophy x

  4. that trophy is spectacular, the most marvellous shape! and I would have gone bonkers for the tubs too, what a find!

  5. Ok...I love them all but those copper tubs ROCK!!! Oh what I would do with those!!! They are gorgeous!!!!

  6. Hi Meg, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  7. Welcome Chris...and I look forward to following your blog x

  8. Whoa, you scored big time with those copper tubs. It's so nice to have a win occasionally. :)
    Anne xx

  9. Nice score on the tubs! And that trophy is really cool. Such a sleek shape.

  10. You have got to win the prize for finding treasures while trying to move! Love those copper pots. If we see something at the landfill site, we are not allowed to take it or ask for it. My heart has been broken by what was thrown away.

  11. love your tip guy!! (ours is a grouch!)...oh and that trophy!....will look fab with your globes.
    I was talking to my 92 yr old gran recently about the days of boiling up clothes in the copper. she had 6 kids....imagine! Al x

  12. Brilliant coppers - they would make a fantastic pair of firewood containers

  13. I love your bedside tables. How lucky to find a pair! And those tubs? I cannot believe the things people take to the dump!

  14. One time the rain was a blessing to you. Really great finds.

  15. A trophy is on my list to find also. At least one without a bowler on top, would be great!

  16. Gorgeous tubs!
    Lovely space you got here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. The trophy is an amazing find...really love it! Wow you are lucky with those big copper pots! Thanks for sharing with us at TTF.


  18. I'm amazed that you got those copper pots for free..the scrap value alone would be a nice chunk of change.They are gorgeous.

  19. Oh! what an amazing find with those big copper pots! Gorgeous thank you for sharing at TTF.

  20. Hello from your newest follower! I am loving those chairs! Come on over and visit us at Wonderful at Home. And its perfect timing as we are doing a giveaway! Hope to see you soon and I am excited to follow you!

  21. Hi, I'm back to let you know that I am going to feature this post on Wednesdays "Features from TTF #119". :)

  22. I love the bedside table. What a find

  23. Those copper tubs are amazing and have so many uses! And the fact that they were free makes them so much more wonderful.



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