Monday, August 29, 2016

Blossom time

A day trip and an almond grove spotted that I just had to hop out of the car and take a shot of it

First of my 12 prunus trees

First buds out on my plum tree

Probably about a week to go before my blossom is fully out

Sascha contemplating his kingdom

Raindrops on Muscari and Hellebore

A fiery sunset

Raindrops on the Galahs


  1. Now how on earth were you able to capture a photo of the raindrops on the galahs, Meg? I have so much to learn about my new camera and also how to link to Instagram on my blog. More learning curves coming up. You live in such a pretty area but I can imagine it could be quite windy.

  2. Meg you live in such a beautiful area, you are so blessed xx

  3. Sensational pics, I love the Galahs.


  4. The almond grove is fantastic! And, your plum blossoms are beautiful. It was nice that you caught a bee! Sascha is spoiled by the view! Reign on, kittie! "Chicken With Pink Blossoms" is a masterpiece. Hi, girl! The sunset is gorgeous. It seems like everything is well and right with your world. Best wishes, Fonda

  5. Liebe Meg,
    deine Bilder sind so wunderschön!!!!!
    Bei uns segeln die ersten Blätter von den Bäumen, obwohl der Sommer sich aufbäumt und uns zeigt wie warm er sein kann.
    Deine Bienen freuen sich über die Blütenpracht deiner Bäume, ich über diesen zarten rosa Farbton, der auf jeden deiner schönen Bilder mir romantisch entgegen leuchtet.
    Hab noch herrliche Frühlingstage.
    Alles Liebe,

  6. I had missed this post, yet another one full of wonderful photos!


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