Friday, November 20, 2015

A Vintage Find

I found this sweet vintage vase in a church shop for  $ looks great with the pink roses I'm picking from my garden

picking roses

 It's the start of cherry season and my clever husband baked this delicious cherry pie

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  2. Your roses are beautiful. and look so pretty in the vintage vase.

  3. Beautiful garden, it really is coming to life, stunning. I loved the roses in the delightful vase, a real bargain find. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your garden looks stunning in summertime, I love those roses. And what about your vase, it´s a gem you found for such a low price in that church shop and so beautiful with the roses. I should like to have a husband who could bake cherry pies, haha, it looks delicious.

  5. The vase is just beautiful, as are your roses. Here in the part of the US where I live, it is now cold and all the trees are bare. We're getting our first snow starting tonight and into tomorrow. So to see all your greenery and flowers cheers me up! Your husband's cherry pie looks delicious - I would love to have a piece with a cup of tea or coffee. :-)

  6. Wow! Lovely garden! Your husband baked a pie?! You are so lucky. I only have one friend whose husband used to be a baker professionally and she is the only one who gets baked goods. Though she does say it also makes her gain weight!! LOL

  7. Hi Meg. Your roses are of course, divine. Thanks to you and two of my other favourite bloggers, I've recently planted 28 rosebushes here in Sunny Queensland. So far, so good, and soon I'll be featuring lavish pink roses in vintage vases on my own blog. That cherry pie? Divine! Please come and share with us at A Tray of Bliss at the Five Star Frou-Frou Linkup. We miss you! Love, Mimi xxx

  8. Your husband bakes pies? How utterly marvellous!
    Your garden always look fantastic. Do you spend hours and hours on it? xxx

  9. Hi Meg, are you all ok? So worrying the fires in SA xxBrenda

    1. We are fine .....the fires are north of us ...although it was still a stressful day as our darling russian blue was bitten by a brown snake and near death. He as has had anitvenine and is not yet got use of his back legs

  10. Gorgeous roses! And what a lovely garden you have!

  11. It's so refreshing to see all your beautiful flowers in full bloom. Thanks for sharing with us at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. What beautiful garden... Swoon


  13. Those roses look like they were grown just for that vase. Me and my daughter have a weekend ritual where we hit the local yard sales for items just like that. People moving often give away planters and vases they had outside, we scored a dozen last ween for $5 and they look amazing when stuffed with fresh flowers. They need no work and add to any outdoor location. Great pictures!

    Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House

  14. You know that your garden looks totally like from some fairy tale! It is so beautiful! I think staying there looks like being in some of a dream!

  15. Oh that cherry pie looks scrumptious! Do you go to Kenton Valley to get cherries?The lady there does a pretty good cheery slice too!I suppose you grow your own cherries?

  16. Well your garden is looking beautiful. Cherry pie seems delicious too. Would like to try this in my birthday party. Already hired Floral Delivery services for my day. They will décor my party venue with fresh flowers only. Decided to use red and pink roses for décor.


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