Friday, December 5, 2014

Number Three

Some great of charity shop finds this week

I always feel guilty when I buy another piece of vintage luggage.  As well as suitcases and trunks I love  leather monogrammed briefcases (and I got a frown of disapproval on buying this one) and this is my 3rd one for my collection. I now have 3 hatboxes, 4 suitcases, 2 trunks, 2 beauty cases

Anyway... Sascha loves my luggage

 4 books for $5
The top one has an Art Nouveau cover, the second has an Art Deco cover. The 2 large blue volumes were a surprise when I opened them. They are bound St Nicholas magazines,an 1800's illustrated children's magazine from the US . They are gorgeous and I wish I had bought the other two.

 I love the advertisement insert

The illustrations  are beautiful

  50c linen cloth

The first week of summer in my garden

first gardenia unfurling

gorgeous fragrance of star jasmine

a stray peacock decided it wanted to live with my girls

free ranging

hot days

waiting for a new lot of summer roses to flower

starting to decorate for Christmas

the first year we can put  up a Christmas  tree without Sascha running up the trunk

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  1. Everything is looking so very pretty at your home and garden, love the look of your Christmas decoration.

  2. Yet again some amazing finds, I love the vintage luggage. Your home is looking wonderful for Christmas.

    1. I am feeling a bit more Chrismassy this year after Dad passing away this time last year xx

  3. I love the suitcases and the books , Your home and garden are very beautiful , I just hope my garden will become even just a small amount like yours when i start planning it next year xxx

  4. I do like your suitcases, I was lucky to have two small ones given to me by my mother in law recently and I love them. x

  5. That gardenia is gorgeous!!! And I love what you found this week! Those book illustrations are just fantastic!!! And your summer a dream! I could sit down right there and take it all in! And that peacock! What a hoot! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! Nicole xo

  6. looking forward to more photos of the stray peacock and your girls....I always admire the photos of your beautiful Sascha....

    1. To be honest I hope the peacock doesn't come back as it stressed the girls running for hours up and down their coop!!!

  7. What did your chooks think of the peacock? It must have given you a bit of a surprise to find him in your garden.

  8. When I see your Gardenia flower, I think of the fragrance...... You found some beautiful treasures, love old suitcases, have one similar like yours from my father-in-law and old books.......always great!

  9. A peacock! What a delight! Just visiting with the girls, like no one's business. That's funny! I'm really loving your summer, as I look out my window to see brown grass and gray trees. Very dull here in southeastern North Carolina. If the sun would shine and just take pride in her day, it would be a relief!

  10. Great finds! Love your hydrangeas

  11. How can you feel guilty when Sascha clearly loves vintage luggage as much as you do? Tell yourself you're buying it for her. Guilt free shopping! Plus anything from a charity shop must be guilt free! You're saving the planet from waste AND helping the poor.
    You should recieve a medal! xxx

  12. I love your suitcases and can see why these had to come home with you. You always find the most interesting treasures and always at such a good price. Can you send a little of your summer weather this way? Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  13. You vintage finds are amazing! The books are my fave!

  14. Ha ha - the frown of disapproval. I've seen a few of those myself. ;) Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss. Jo

  15. So pretty! Thank you for sharing at HSH! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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