Sunday, January 19, 2014


Wow , what a week....6 hideous days of Hades (more about that later) ...too hot for leaving the house let alone thrifting. ( these are words I never thought I would write) Luckily I still have a couple of cuties I bought  a couple of weeks ago in the tiny country town of Palmer in their General Store which is also full of farm antiques
A cute little pill bottle for $2
A small green Vaseline glass jar $2 - probably held some sort of cream
We have had 6 days in a row over 43 degrees, the top being almost 46 on Thursday giving Adelaide the dubious status of the hottest major city in the world that day - uh huh....GREAT! (between 110 - 114)
As I write this the change arrived with a big electrical storm and there are still bushfires raging in the Barossa Valley
It was too scorching hot for my husband to have any customers in the garden Nursery so we decided to paint some more of our rooms (which have hideous light absorbing colours) in white
We have now finished 3 bedrooms, laundry, bathrooms and passage. Thank heavens for airconditioning
 The passage was a ghastly shade of peach. This white is the same we used in our last house although we are not going to do the woodwork like last time
The laundry and bedrooms had already had all new wardrobes and cupboards in the same white installed

We still have all the big rooms to do - family , dining, entry, formal sitting and formal dining which are  yukky cocoa brown ..
The garden survival has been a mixed bag. We lost the lettuces, beans, heaps of seedlings ,pots of flowers. We put sheets on the tomatoes and the fruit trees are ok.
My girls were sprayed with water every couple of hours

This weekend the hundreds of white Meilland roses will have to be cut back as they were very scorched
The first day of heat and still fresh
This was taken at 7am and already a century
I had already harvested my David Austin roses and hung them up to dry
And these little sweeties " Crepescule " just made it before they scorched

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  1. The white walls are looking great. They really make a stunning backdrop for your art and vintage treasures.
    We've been hosing the chooks down too. They don't particularly like it but it does stop them panting for a while.

  2. Your house looks so COOL!! Beautiful flowers. I don't know how you handle the heat. Keep the chicks and the cat and yourself hydrated.

  3. you sure make it look cool meg....glad the cool change finally arrived. how cute is that pill bottle!....was reading "the custards" blog this morning and thinking of you. she has done a fab post of her amazing collection of vintage books. do you know the blog im talking about?....just google the custards. her collections are drool worthy!.....the paintjob looks great....hehe would love to see a shot of the cocoa brown!! go on!. looks like the garden faired better than you thought it would. such a crappy/fantastic time of year isn't it. weve only topped 42 twice so far thank goodness, Febs usually our hades. that's when we are taking the caravan to the beach yay!! x

  4. Oh doesn't the burned garden break your heart?
    Good thing we garden ers are always looking to the future and another season !

  5. 43 degrees-I have not felt that kind of heat...I always find the photos of the vistas, gardens, your home and the chooks -I love seeing photos of your grey cat-so handsome/beautiful. What colour of white and which paint company did you go with? so perfect.
    Thank you for your blog...

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts! Sometimes I forget that some blog friends weren't with through the reno in our last house in 2012. We had an interior designer recommend Solver's Designer White for transforming a dark house. We had it mixed by Dulux but you have to make sure they do it to the Solver formula. Check out my posts in April and May 2012 as we had cupboards , walls, ceilings and woodwork done .
      Now we are starting again (sob) and doing it ourselves so its room by room. Check out my bedroom in late 2013. We had to put wardrobes and laundry cupboards in before we started painting so we had them done in Designer White also. xxx

  6. I LOVE the shot of the bedroom through the hallway.

    Cute bottles!!!

  7. Love your flower pictures and wishing that we had some of that heat instead of all the snow and cold that we have.... Well maybe not the 46 degrees. Coming by from Make it Pretty Monday.

  8. You are experiencing record highs and we just finished experiences record lows with temps below zero. That NEVER happens here! I'm happy to see that you were able to get some things done inside your home, though. It's looking gorgeous! Hopefully it cools down enough so you can enjoy that beautiful yard.

    Have a wonderful week, Meg~!


  9. We have heard about the terrific heat wave you are having. I hope you are staying safe and do not lose too many plants. Good you were able to save some roses for drying. I love that tiny pill bottle.

  10. You find the coolest stuff! And your dried roses are magnificent! xx

  11. Hi Meg, I love the picture right above the cat. The larger bottle is very cool. Did you buy it white or did you update it? If you did it would you be willing to share?

    Thanks for your inspiration,


    1. Hi Kathy! I love it too. I saw it in a store here called Freedom(kind of like Ikea) but it was too expensive. At sale time I raced in and they had one left YAY. Its massively heavy! xx

  12. Love those little pill bottles! Hope your "girls" are not affected too much by the heat!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Love the little pill bottle and wow what temperatures. Almost hard to comprehend how hot that would be without air con.... x

  14. your place is looking very classy, inside if not out after those temps! 46 degrees, OMG, I'd need a pill to cope with that! take care and hope it's cooling down some xxx

  15. So glad most of your plants survived the heat. Those temps are expected here in the Arizona desert and that's why I don't have many plants on the patio or yard. We have tried gardening with little success but there are some that have wonderful gardens (just not in the hot summer)!

    Love all those flowers and you display them so wonderfully.

  16. We are freezing, freezing, freezing here-we are on the other spectrum in temps. When I went to the hairdresser this morning it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit. I really like the medicine bottles the best.Extra special because the company was in Melbourne. I try to find things made in our state.

  17. OMGosh girl your hot and have high temperatures and we are COLD with minus zero temperatures

    I like all your white walls I am getting ready to change all my decor soon as I get rid of all my current furniture and belongings

  18. oh my you have so much going on and in the end that beautiful, beautiful kitty...:)

    Freezing cold here in Western Pa! :)

  19. hi visiting from the thrifty groove your house is lovely love your cat is he/she a russian blue used to have one now I have a brat siamese named frankie love the green jar I collect cats and anything that tickles my fancy have a great day I'm lorraine at

  20. I love the look of the white crisp and bright. Glad a lot of your plants survived! The bottles are so interesting and I love the green one! Thanks for linking to TTF! Stay cool!

  21. what a lovely home you have
    with all your bibs and bobs

    i'm a fan too
    of crisp white walls
    and vintage bottles

    and right now
    our temps are in single digits
    and i could use a little hot hot hot!

    you have a delightful blog
    and i would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  22. Your home and garden are beautiful. I had to laugh at your "hot, hot, hot" comment, as it is "cold, cold, cold" here in Nebraska. Persistent winds of 25-35 mph and temps as cold as we've seen in years. In fact, I was just complaining to my husband that it's too cold here to go thrifting. Ha! Opposite ends of the world . . . Love your blog. I'm a new follower.

  23. Oh how lovely!!! Both the redos AND the roses. And OH MY - I've been writing about our temperatures here in the U.S. with our current, possibly "record-setting" high of 50 F - and then I read this. At first, I thought, not too bad. Til I realized you are using C ? :) Now if we could just mix your temps, Nebraska and most of the East Coast's temps, and our temps, we'd have a perfect temperature. :) Have a lovely week and stay cool!

  24. Oh Meg, I feel for you. i know you are getting another wave of heat again. We are definitely a sunburnt country right now. Stay cool and safe. Thrifting can wait :)


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