Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fetes, Fleas and Flowers

We set out Friday afternoon to do a fossick in the local flea/junk shop and I spied this old book sitting on a table on the way out. It wasn't ther when I came through and had been just unloaded from a container from Denmark(!!) for $10 . It's in terrible shape, covers are separated from the bbok,spine cover missing, some pages are missing BUT it is GORGEOUS

It's solid brown leather with a metal rim. The front and back are  in maching tooled gold

Beautiful steel engraved illustrations with tissue paper covering pages

Faded gilt pages
It was published in about 1880, Mr VL thinks I'm crazy but I just couldn't leave it there could I?
We ventured off early Saturday morning to a church fete and I found a pair of very old linen pillowcases, beatifully handmade with fillet edging for the princely total of $2...athough they are yellow with age and have already been soaked and are drying in the Sunday morning sunshine on a dewy lawn
To add to my now 50 pairs of antique white pillocase collection!
On the way home at the fuit and veg market I treated myself to
a bunch favourite

Mr VL spent Saturday afternoon clipping the topiary and box hedging. I use 2 of the potted box trees for Christmas

My cute Sascha decided to destroy the catmint arrangement I had picked....WHO ME??

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  1. Beautiful book Meg. I think old books are just magical :)
    Cas x

    1. I'll be sure to show the Mr any positive comments about my purchase Cas :-)

  2. Cats and catmint! lethal combination! Suzy x

  3. I'm still to get around to giving my box hedge a trim after your tips so I feel really lazy...Sasha is gorgeous - just like my old cat Jasper, a little grey bundle of michief :)

  4. Miss Molly Meow dragged her cat mint around the driveway and ruined it before I could get it into a sturdy pot! I would never leave a book that beautiful behind! Loving those pillow cases.

  5. That book is delightful, great finds!

  6. Guauuu Beautiful book Meg. I think old books !!I love your blog!!!

  7. That's a very special book, I wouldn't have left it there either. It needs some love! :)

  8. Visiting from french country cottage. Great finds. Lucky you

  9. A wonderful find with faded gilt pages ... I would have bought it. I wonder who it belonged to.

  10. I love your book - but as a new visitor to your blog I REALLY love your globes! Found you via Scandi Coast Home

  11. Hi Catherine! What a great blog you have ......globes are a bit of an well as domes,old suitcases,linen,cameras,ironstone LOL!!

  12. those pillowcases are lovely....50 that all?? u can never have too many.One of my favourite things is finding vintage linen, soaking it ,washing it hanging it in the sunshine and ironing it....just a weird thing ive got going on....makes me hppy.
    Allison x

    ps enjoy your blog so much just had to follow!

    1. Hi Allison and welcome ! I love the soaking and drying to and I really LOVE pressing and folding the fresh smelling linen :-)

  13. Thanks so much for sharing! I will be featuring you tomorrow on the blog. And I love your peonies!

  14. Thank you for hosting such a great party each week it is much appreciated and enjoyed.
    Meg xx

  15. OMGosh, old books are my thing and if they are religious like that, I would have just died. What a wonderful treasure you found.

  16. Hi Meg, what a wonderful find with the old book. The bookplate illustrations look amazing! I'd have grabbed it too!

    1. Thanks Debra, I hve ended up puting some antique handmade lace around it x

  17. That Bible is amazing! What a find.

    Sweet Sascha...good thing you love her! :)



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