Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stormy Weather

Terrible weather in the Hills .....dark days, huge gales with 100km + wind. So far we have escaped falling trees and power loss. After 2 years of drought I'm loving the rain but the wind has been terrifying

My poor gum tree is taken a pounding

Yoghurt spread over my terracotta pots to age them more quickly

Winter dawn

Another dark day and gale moving across

This little guy took refuge on our porch and is looking up at the roof wondering what the heck!

My new succulent garden on the back porch

Galahs waiting to swoop onto the lawn and tear it up

A winter posy from the garden


  1. More bad weather. That's no good Meg. I hope it improves for you soon. We had summer weather last week :-)

  2. Wunderbare Wolkenaufnahmen.
    Es tut mir leid wegen des Gummibaumes,solche Stürme sind immer unberechenbar.
    Ich verwende auch Joghurt für meine gegossenen Betonwerke. Mit Patina sind sie einfach schöner.
    Alles Liebe,

  3. You have to admit that the colors of bad weather certainly are interesting!!!

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