Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Country Life

A morning  shopping in a country town church charity shop while it was a cool morning. Great finds including antique books, Helena Rubinstein White Magnolia Talc, Pyrex lab jar and loads of designer clothes

It is so hot and so dry here I rush out in my PJ's very early in the morning to water the garden and let the girls out to free range in the shadier parts of the garden

I try and pick as many roses as I can before the fry in the sun

The fruit in he orchard is ripening , plums being the first.

Even Sascha is feeling the heat

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  1. Your roses are magnificent. I can't get enough of them.

  2. The roses look stunning in the basket, a real delight.

  3. Your roses are beautiful and I love those old books!

  4. Enjoyed your lovely photos, especially this time the roses from your garden, the old books (I'm a collector too) and your thirsty cat.

  5. I am so jealous - we woke up to zero degrees and dropping with wind chill of 25 to 35 degrees below zero F. The sun is shining and trying to send some warmth, which both of my cats are trying to absorb, but the wind still blows and you can almost see the chill in the air. Needless to say, no green grass, no roses, and no fresh fruit. Living in Minnesota U.S.A. always has weather that will keep you on your toes. We have had, up 'til now, unusually warm weather, so we can't really complain. Besides, it's suppose to warm up towards the end of next week. Maybe even 28 degrees above zero! Your roses are so beautiful. Ranee

    1. Don't feel jealous please.....I am feeling desperate for cold weather...this summer is a nightmare with temperatures over the century plus a drought

  6. I'm enjoying your roses and your girls. One of our kitties insists on drinking from the faucet, too! Your house must be so fragrant from all of the roses you bring in. At least, I HOPE they have a wonderful scent! They are gorgeous!

  7. Love your pictures, the roses look divine. HR powder the best, pity production stopped a long time ago. Crabtree used to make magnolia dusting powder in large box with the most divine powder puff, unfortunately that discounted as well so I use it sparingly. Best lillian

  8. Here it is about 40 degrees! It looks lovely there.

  9. I forget that it is summer in the other half of the world! Your roses are fabulous. And nothing "vintages up" a garden quite like your little free-range friends!


  10. I do not enjoy Hot weather at all when its so uncomfortable to enjoy being outside.
    We have snow now and 14 degrees warming up tomorrow to 30 degrees
    Your roses are picture perfect and beautiful
    I am looking forward to spring and don not always enjoy summer because of our high temperatures like you have now

  11. oh how we love to come over and just gaze at your pictures!! the roses are beautiful...we can almost smell them from here! Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Karla & Karrie

  12. Fresh summer fruit! I miss fruit especially tomatoes in the winter. The girls look quite perky. We once had a cat who got her own water from the sink. She managed to flood the bath! I am sure Sascha has more sense.

  13. Happy New Year Meg!
    Oh I love this post and I'm drooling over your stunning roses!
    I see you're allowed to use sprinklers which is vital to keeping them going through Summer.
    We spent Christmas in Victoria where our son is living in Maldon.
    It was incredibly hot and the gardens dry and parched. I still love the Australian landscape - it has a raw beauty all it's own.
    We lived there for three years and as a young girl in my twenties I lived in both Sydney and Melbourne.

    Meg, I always enjoy seeing the wonderful vintage items to find in the thrift shops.

    Keep cool and hydrated!
    ps I'm back following you - things went wrong with my blog last year and I lost the blogs I was following - it's been a mission putting them all back....

  14. Oh, I love your chickens! I also love to find designer clothes at the thrift store! ;) Thanks for sharing at HSH!


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx