Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Spring Country Fair

We  went to an annual antiques fair in a neighbouring country town yesterday. I limited myself to $20 this year and I bought home 2 things
A 4 volume set of books from 1926 with gorgeous covers

This jewellery casket is old as it is heavy beveled it!

Almost all the roses are slowly beginning to opening including 15 which are new to us and I can start picking some for the house

The Mary Rose

Sharifa Asma

Princess Anne

Soul Sister

Mme Gregoire Stachelin

Heritage is my favourite David Austin rose

a dramatic dusk


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  1. Hello Meg, you have found real treasures. I should learn to limit myself when I go to the markets or antiques stores too. Our roses are in abundance and I am immensely enjoying them. Your collections are of pure elegance. I would like to grow some David Austin rose one day.
    Hope you have a good week.0

  2. That is a great lesson, I too should put a limit. Those books really did look stunning and would make a great feature on a desk. Your roses really are doing well, such a beautiful array of colours.

    1. Thank you I have bookshelves in the family room with vintage books sorted by colour of bindings xx

  3. What beautiful roses and the cat is such a beautiful colour , I have some David Austin Roses we dont live from where they came from originally , I need to look up what to do with them now as its the first time i have grown roses xxx

    1. The roses

      Roses are such a joy to grow and they really easy to look after. It is such a pleasure to get up each morning and check on all the new ones !!! xxxx

  4. Your roses are beautiful, and the fields are a sight to behold! Your new-found treasures are so special. We found some treasures as we made the rounds to discover our new neighborhood. There were many thrift stores and roads that (we found) lead to the ocean. We were definitely exploring yesterday when the air was warm and the sun was shining. Today, it is gray and dull, which makes me want to stay inside and clean something! (Did I just say that???)

  5. We are entering our fall season here in Oregon!

  6. I have tried putting a limit when going to a show....doesn't work! I find too many things. When I have money to spend, I find nothing! Gorgeous roses and sweet, sweet kitty!

  7. Spring has it's own brand of beauty when you live in the country. It's like the earth wakes up and dresses in its lovely colors. Thanks for reminding us, as I assume a lot of us are in the middle of Fall.

  8. Like the books for sure, however I don't think I could limit myself to $20 at a fabulous sale.
    Love the pretty roses my roses are through for the year and my hydrangeas.
    Like seeing your kitty cat

  9. The jewellery box is divine, I love that you get to see all the pretties inside. And look at your baby girl! she is such a beauty. xxx

  10. Wonderful photos! I love the rose. So mild and heart-melting. The clemantis too. I love how it rounds up. But most of all, the cat! I love the capture!

  11. Your roses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx