Friday, January 23, 2015

Washing and Digging

I love this pair of salad servers from a charity shop

I am starting to launder and press my collection of antique white linens ,which hasn't been done for a while.It's a bit overwhelming and a big job as I have mountains of them (sheets,pillowcases,tablecloths,tray clothes, baby clothes, doilies),but summer is the best time and gives me a chance to enjoy them again

the  32 km  narrow winding road to our town has taken a week to reopen  after the fires and it is devastating to drive down it. This pic was published by the paper during the Tour Down Under Race and the only colour is the riders...everything is ashes...I cried the first sight of it

In the garden this week (our own oasis)

It is incredible how green everything is after running the sprinkles for 24 hours during the fires

we harvested all our potatoes and  baby carrots and the tomato are fabulous this year

relaxing in the vegetable garden !

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  1. How wonderful that you have your oasis there is in the midst of all that destruction. Hasn't your garden produced wonderfully for you too! Loving all that produce..... and that vintage linen .. swoonworthy! cheers Wendy

  2. You are truly blessed to have missed all that terrible devastation around you. Your garden is a delight and wonderful that you are now able to reap the rewards eating the produce from it. Stay safe.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful its so cold and frosty here today its a joy to see your fresh carrots, potato's and tomatoes and your lovely garden in full bloom. Enjoy the beauty in your garden. dee x

  4. Hello Meg,

    What wonderful home grown produce you are harvesting this year. There is nothing quite like it and the taste is always better than their shop bought counterparts.

    What a contrast between your glorious garden and the surrounding area. The trees all gaunt and bare do make a very sad sight indeed. One just hopes for their renewal.

  5. I was cleaning out, and I found my linens again. I am getting rid of some things, but some pillow cases have the potential of becoming decor when we buy a house in the future. Hi girls! Your carrots are so bright! You took a delightful picture of them, and your tomatoes look absolutely luscious. I didn't get a taste of decent tomato all of last year. My cherry tomatoes were very sweet and juicy, but no one had good large tomatoes. Keeping my fingers crossed for this coming season! The charred vegetation does look very sad. Thank goodness your own yard is a lush oasis. Have a wonderful day!

  6. What a magnificent garden you have, Meg! It's evident that you take meticulous care of it. Must be so lovely to be surrounded by it every day -- well worth the effort! Enjoy those lovely tomatoes, potatoes and carrots!! :)

  7. You have a lovely collection of antique linens. I love collecting old things and thinking about their past lives. And, your photos are beautiful.

  8. I never tire of looking at photos of your gardens and vistas and girls, both chook and cat...
    thank you...

    1. It was heartbreaking to leave the girls behind when we evacuated. When we arrived back they were quite sodden as we left a sprinkler on over there coop to give them a chance if the property burned.xx

  9. We are in our winter here so it was a shock to see your gorgeous garden and veggies!

  10. Meg, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Would you do me the honour of sharing again at Five Star Frugal on my blog A Tray of Bliss?

  11. Those salad servers are very pretty as is your garden. Wonderful, wonderful garden produce. I be those potatoes taste amazing.
    Anne xx

  12. Fire sure does cause such destruction. Are there green shoots and new growth coming through yet?
    The salad servers are amazing. works of art really. x

  13. The salad servers are completely lovely, as is your garden. So sorry about the devastation in your town though. :(

  14. The salad servers are just beautiful and those white lines...stunning!!!


  15. I saw pictures on the news of the wildfires - how devastating. Glad your garden was saved. Beautiful produce. I would like a fresh tomato about now. There is something so lovely about a stack of old linens.

  16. Oh your collection of linens are so pretty as is your amazing garden and yard. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your photos as gardening season seems like a distant dream as we deal with snow, cold and ice here in Minnesota right now.

  17. Wow...what an incredible picture of the devastation from the fires! So happy that your home was spared! you would never guess that there was a remote chance for a fire by your pictures of your yard! Love your beautiful linens....sometimes {I shouldn't say this out loud lol!} I love to set up the ironing board and's just peaceful pressing beautiful linens!

  18. That is terribly sad :( I'm glad that your home didn't suffer - your garden looks just lovely. So green! I love your linen collection as well - it sounds like it is amazing! Take care!

  19. Prayers for the community after the fire. What a blessing you were spared. Loved the garden pics with the chickens!

  20. Blessings to all in your community. Love your garden, so beautiful. Your linens are fabulous. I like linens too and keeping them clean is a chore.

  21. Wow those serving spoons are amazing! One more thing to keep my eyes open for on my venture through thrifting!

  22. Love the spoons, I havent been op shopping for a while it's great when you find some bargains!

  23. This blog has me looking for spring! Possible snow in Nashville tonight so I am really wanting spring now. Beautiful spoons and I love vintage lace.


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx