Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Victorian Rescue

This pretty Victorian double towel rail was sitting outside a country antique store. It had been covered in a sort of revolting gold/bronze paint and is perfect for hanging some of my pieces like last week's baby gown.

 I have almost finished sanding and next week hope to start painting it white

This set of Spanish glassware was $2 from the local charity shop

 A wonderful vintage farmhouse bird feeder

Red browed finches

Mr VL pruning the espaliered fruit trees in the freezing rain

All done!

Golden Elm leaves almost gone

Tiny Blue Wren

Nellie is the only girl laying in the cold weather

Winter blues

Isn't it nice when your husband buys you flowers!

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  1. The local birdlife look to be loving the vintage birdfeeder too.
    What a good girl Nellie is still laying. We seem to be getting 3-4 eggs still from our 5, though yesterday I collected 5 which was a nice surprise.

  2. Hello:

    You really do have an 'eye' for discovering some most attractive 'finds' of which your latest, the towel rail, is most appealing. It seem so strange for us in Europe to see the trees shedding their leaves with you, to read of the cold rain and to see the fire lit whilst we are enjoying hot sunshine.

  3. Lovely, can't wait to see it when painted white. Great photos.

  4. Love your new towel rail, and I know I paint everything round here that doesn't move but I'm kinda liking it the way it is! It looks like an aged patina! xxxx

  5. The photos are gorgeous. I think the towel rail is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it painted.


  6. Your Victorian towel rail is wonderful
    I am beginning to like the shabby chic chippy paint look however this will be more elegant painted I am sure, be sure and show it to us when finished

  7. What beautiful photos. I especially love the cat : )

  8. Nice finds and what a beautiful place you have


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