Saturday, April 26, 2014

Country Fair Finds

We took an Easter long weekend trip to a country Fair and it was pandemonium in the old farm stuff,but I managed to rescue a few pieces. The other problem was we had to park a long way and couldn't carry a lot. I picked up this old galvanized bath with great chalky patina. If we could I would have bought the other two.It is really heavy so it may be zinc

Mr VL found an old farm funnel

We have drilled holes in the bottom and planted up with succulents 

These will spread and spill over the edges

Another find was an ancient pair of leather binoculars

Another vintage bottle to add to my collection

....which then inspired me to change a few vintage finds on display. I removed the white jugs display from the large bookcase, which is STILL waiting to be painted white, against wall STILL waiting to be painted white !!!

In the garden this week
 We had to chop down 3 silver birches because of borer damage

The 2 in the front lawn have to go too and will be replaced with ornamental pear trees

The first camellia

Cat mint....delicious

Love the smell of eucalyptus in the house

What I'm reading from the library this week

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  1. What a great idea planting up the old bath, giving a beautiful old piece a new lease of life.

  2. Meg those succulents are just going to look divine in your zinc tub. What a great find!

  3. The succulents look great against the weathered metal of the tub.
    Your library readings for this week look inspiring. River Cottage books are one of my favourites.
    I'm off to the library tomorrow to pick up a few of reserved books which will keep me going for a couple of weeks. x

  4. Love all your finds, but that bath and the succulents are gorgeous!

  5. Hello Meg:

    We very much like galvanised items and have a small collection ourselves. Your own 'bath' planted up already looks very attractive and will, most surely, soon have the plants lapping over the edges.

    Such a pity about the Silver Birch, one of our favourite trees, but you will, we are certain, have much pleasure from your ornamental pears.

  6. The tub is lovely with the succulents in it and I especially love the handles!

  7. It sure is beautiful there. I bet your succulents will look amazing

  8. Hello, I saw this nice blog post from Natasha I oz party. Wow the tub looks so nice filled with the plants. I love the countryside and the chickens! Have a nice weekend
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  9. Gorgeous pictures as always Meg! That bookcase is going to look AWESOME in white! Your old tub is divine. You have a real eye for cool junk! xx

  10. Wonderful finds!!! That old tub is spectacular and I love those old leather binoculars. Love seeing all you pictures.

  11. Love the zinc tub with the succulents. So sorry about losing trees to borers. Lovely vistas!

  12. I have a zinc tub just like that: the former owners of my previous home left it in for me to throw away when they sold the apartment to me ;)

  13. What a great finds! And exquisite views ! Loving photo with Sascha.

  14. Wonderful finds, love the old tub!

  15. I've just started with succulents myself, hoping I don't kill them:)
    Dawn @ We Call It

  16. I love that tub! I know your succulents will be gorgeous in a few weeks! It's spring here in Missouri and I planted lettuces and spinach in an old tub we had for a Salad Garden. I've never done this before and hope it works well. Your farm is so inviting!! Happy weekend!

  17. Love your "new" planter! Great idea to put succulents in it. Everything looks lovely!


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