Saturday, March 22, 2014


We rushed through a Farmer's Market on the way to lunch and I noticed some  old  rusty tools and gardening stuff . I picked up this 1950's mower for $10 and I LOVE, LOVE it ...the colour is a gorgeous blue

The elderly farmer selling it thought I was a bit weird I think !

I also picked up a vintage yardstick with advertising on it...I love old rulers!

 The lovely Emma Kate asked me to post some pics of my bedroom which is really hard to take a complete shot, so this collage is from all angles ..just for you Em!

In the garden this week 

I planted out some dwarf  sweet pea seedlings on St  Patrick's Day which traditionally supposed to be the best day to plant them and  climbing seeds along the chicken coop, and some Johnny Jump Ups

Still waiting for the apples to ripen...all the other fruits are finished

Pumpkins are taking over!

We had our first large egg this week

Miss Audrey Henburn

Autumn Days in the garden

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  1. Your garden is a delight!!! And I chuckled when you said that the farmer thought you were a bit strange but that mower is AWESOME! As are your pumpkins and everything else you have growing there!!! A wonderful sight!! Nicole xo

  2. You have a gorgeous garden. The mower would look fab just casually left in the border surrounded by wonderful cottagey plants.

  3. I always look forward to seeing photos of your chooks. They look very happy and healthy.
    The mower is lovely. Does it still work I wonder?

  4. I like the look of your finds, and as always your garden is amazing, I see the girls are laying.

  5. Love that mower. I've got a more recent model that I still use---I have a tiny yard so it only takes a couple sweeps and its done :)

  6. I just adore looking at your gorgeous gardens and all of the greenery! It makes me long for spring, which our weathermen swear will arrive someday!

  7. Happy to have found your blog via the Dedicated House! Your bedroom looks beautiful, Tracy x

  8. Oh my word. You find the coolest stuff. That yard stick is awesome! So nice to see snippets of your bedroom. Thank you! xx

  9. Great Post and a great blog!

    Greetings from Germany

  10. Great mower - we loved to cut my grandmother's yard with one of these. Thanks for the bedroom collage - lovely.

  11. Love that old mower! And the shots of the yummy food in your yard.

  12. Like everyone else, love that mower! I don't know why it's beautiful, but it is! Your bedroom is full of beautiful things too. X

  13. I love that lawn mower! I would love to display something like that in my yard. Love your hen's name!!!

  14. That is so cool! Just yesterday, I was wishing they still made them...thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life!

  15. You definitely found a vintage power. I still do my yard but thankful it is not one of these.

  16. looks sooooo warm there!

  17. I actually used a reel mower for two years ( Purchased it new though ) but last year I reverted to a gas powered one..we had so much precipitation last summer that I needed the power!

    Love that old blue one

  18. Love all your vintage finds! Thanks for sharing at TTF. I have pinned this to the TTF Features board on Pinterest!


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