Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Fair Find

Yesterday we went for a country towns jaunt and started off at a vintage/antique fair. I bought this 1950's fabric covered hatbox and a few antique bottles which I'll take pics of next week
Love the ruched lid
I have one of those once in a decade birthday's in a few days ( it has a zero in it) and I went shopping in my favourite shop in the Adelaide Hills and bought this mirror for my bedroom
as it was half price. Thanks Mum! ( I took the pic in the shop)
As Spring gets warmer my view from the backyard is slowly changing~ the green hills are changing to a gold colour..
...and the fruit is growing and flowers opening

The garden is full of parrots, kookaburras, wrens, finches, magpies.....much to the frustration of my darling indoor cat, who can only window shop!
Hello breakfast !!

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  1. Love that hatbox! Wish it was spring here! We are in the fall, which I love, but winter...not as much! ~~Pam

  2. looks like a great weekend at yours....lovely mirror and that hatbox is beautiful!. now I want to go on a jaunt too! x

  3. Beautiful hatbox - that was a great find! I love the photos of the garden - we of course are just the opposite here in France, the leaves are turning brown and falling, but it is still very warm.

    1. ahhhhh.....France ....where we were to travel to for my birthday this week...but we bought a house instead xx

  4. Oh. My. Word.
    I love that box! Have a splendid birthday Meg! xx

  5. That hat box is beautiful, but not as beautiful as your yard and garden! Wow!

  6. LOve the new look page, Meg. Awesome ! Lovely purchases. Talk soon. M x

  7. What a lovely find, Meg! The view from your home is gorgeous!

  8. Ohh Happy Birthday lovely lady.
    The mirror is a beautiful choice of gift to celebrate.

  9. Hi Meg,
    Your garden is lovely and your view is beautiful. We are in the middle of Autumn here in the US. Fortunately, I still have some flowers in my garden. It's funny for me to read that you have parrots, kookaburras and magpies in your garden. I would love to see them hanging around my garden!

  10. I love the box and that last picture made me laugh.

  11. That mirror is wonderful! I would love to have something just like it in my shabby bedroom. What a great birthday present!


  12. Yummy hat box! Gorgeous mirror. Happy birthday! Count the smiles not the miles! Thank you for sharing the lovely views. Have a great week.

  13. Cool hatbox. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! -Dawn @ We Call It

  14. What a lovely hatbox! And the mirror is beautiful. thank you for sharing at TTF!

  15. You should celebrate every birthday especially the ones with zeroes. Kitty wants a kookaburra? My cats have learned most times the birds win. Love the hatbox with the pleats and your gardens are so beautiful.

  16. What a great mirror and that box is so pretty! Your so lucky it's Spring. Hope the fires didn't do much in your area. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio It is 20-50 miles per hour winds, rain, and coming is Halloween night here so the weather is perfect for the holiday. Your Gardens are a welcome respite.

  17. What great find in the hat box! Will you keep it as a treat for yourself for your birthday?! How how I would love for it to be spring here! We are entering into winter but todays temp will be 66! Love your blog....visiting from What's It Wednesday.

  18. Beautiful! I love the box! Such a pretty pattern!

  19. Love your new hat box.... and your garden is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    Thank you for sharing your post at Fresh-Cut Friday!


I love to hear from you and appreciate your messages. Meg xx