Sunday, September 29, 2013

His and Hers Finds

Where has this week gone! So busy since I last posted. Mr VL and I discovered an old fashioned country town antique shop yesterday. It is stacked from floor to ceiling with furniture and interesting and quirky things. We had to tip toe side ways down narrow passages. We split up and met back at the counter!!!

A pair of vintage Mason's soap dishes

This table was on sale ~ it's mahogany and Victorian about 1880...the top has the most beautiful patina and ebony stringing
a 1940'S Bakelite roulette wheel
A vintage Italian oil can for his new"  man cave" shed
(How blokey are his buys)
We called into his nursery on his day off to pick up some plants and pots and I bought home this lovely duck egg blue throw from the gift wear
We had a gale during the week and my beautiful Italian terracotta pots with the topiaries on the deck smashed so we bought home a couple more
Dawn this morning in the backyard
Our little chicks hatched from incubation on Friday - we have 7 and we are hoping at least a couple are girls
The renovation is slowly taking shape ~ this week we put in wardrobes in 2 bedrooms...classic white floor to ceiling and the guest room was painted white and now finished
What I'm reading from the library this week
A sweet" tussie mussie"

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  1. Wow, you picked up some great stuff from the antique shop - it's hard to leave empty handed from that kind of stufffed-full-with-treasures shop! My hubby would have come away with the oil can too!
    Cute chicks!

  2. WOW, what wonderful things you found at the antique shop. It's lovely to hear about how your renovation is going, looking good. Those little chickens are so cute. Brings back happy memories of growing up on a farm.
    Have a fab week,
    Anne xx

  3. The Little chickens are so cute! I just love my girls! See you soon I hope ! The renos are looking fab !
    M xx

  4. Fun finds and beautiful table. Your chicks are so very cute! There's nothing like a new fluffy chick.
    Have a great week,

  5. So many lovely things in you week, little chicks are adorable.

  6. You found such great stuff. Love seeing the chicks hatching. The white in your reno is just lovely, and what a sweet tussie mussie.

  7. Your home is amazing and the view just to die for! Lovely items you picked up. Those little chickens are so cute!

  8. Love the term "blokey buys"! I like the red oil can. The chicks are so sweet. I would love to wake each morning to that fabulous view.

  9. WOW! That is one awesome backyard!

  10. So glad I stopped by from Ivy & Elephants! I loved seeing your finds and your baby chicks!

  11. How about those little chicks! Love the his and hers soap dishes! Pinned them:) I posted scrappy Fall banner to Ivy:)

  12. Such cute little balls of fluff those little sussex chicks are.

  13. You both had great finds. Those chickas are toooo cute. I always wanted a Rooster and Hen, but I'm allergic to feathers 8(
    so pics will have to do.

  14. Love the soap dishes! And the chicks are so cute! I can hear them in my mind. I was given 2 geese..yeah, a Mother's Day present from a friend, hatching at the local hatchery. My friend had a warped sense of humor. Anyway, they were so cute! Grew up to be great guard geese!

  15. I'd say you both did well, that table is just beautiful. I'm inviting you to my new link party called We Call It Olde, every Tuesday, but runs a full week. It's for antiques, vintage, and history-related posts like this one. Hope to see you there - Dawn @ We Call It

  16. Your finds are amazing and your home so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us at TTF this week!

  17. Hi!!!

    Looks like you had a great week shopping!!! I just love the throw!!! I have several because you never know if
    a guest is getting a bit cool while we're sitting around talking after a supper. Your chicks are so cute and I love
    the beautiful table...It's gorgeous!!!!!

    Sorry about the storm. It's that time of year and I hope that it will be the last one for you:) Your new pots are very beautiful in the setting!!! What a lovely view from your backyard. It's breathtaking!!!!

    Have and beautiful and great weekend!!!



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