Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finds and Foofing

*Thank you to all my blog friends for your wonderful messages and kind thoughts regarding my father, it is much appreciated by me *
A long rummage was needed this week at the Salvos to de~stress
I found a few useful silverplate pieces in the same box cutlery box that I have been having luck with lately
A nice weighty  embossed cake server
A sweet pickle fork
A  little silver  sherry decanter label - yet to be cleaned
We are franticly cleaning still as the photographer is coming on Wed to for the internet shots and the first house open is on the 4th May. I  bought some tulips for one room and more bunches coming
I want the house smelling beautiful ~ I hate most candles and diffusers,they are always sickly ~ so I was thrilled to find Glasshouse ~ I can't describe how divine the Positano fragrance is's lemon verbena and basil. I splashed out on the candle and diffuser
I spent a lot of time in the garden just enjoying our last Autumn in it


  1. Love the silverware. Good luck!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Like the look of the cake server, and your garden is o pretty.

  3. The cake slicer is lovely as is the Johnson cake stand- just amazing.
    Hope the photos go well and your house sale goes smoothly.

  4. I love that you like to de-stress by rummaging through an op shop! x

  5. That pickle fork is so cute. I wouldn't have even known what it was for. Your garden is so beautiful, you will be sad to leave it.

  6. Lots of beautiful treasures! New Follower.


  7. The pickle fork is such an unusual find!


  8. Good luck with your house sale, know it can be stressful. Garden pics are pretty!

  9. The pickle fork is super cool! It would make a neat pendant.


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