Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Finds

We popped into a  small Collectors Book and Bric a Brac Fair

An old globe without stand but interesting as it was made in Berlin in the 1950's for $4

A 1909 dictionary with nice leather binding $4
A 1950's CWA recipe book in a marbled cover $3
A vintage bone carving fork $2

An old tobacco tin $1
My latest project is this hallstand found at Vinnies which I have already started sanding ...and ordered online 2 glass knobs
It will  sit in my bedroom to hold my vintage jewellery displays.
Next job is  2 coats of white and another sand


  1. What a great hall stand! You've done well as usual x

  2. Great things. The hall stand will be lovely painted white.


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