Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Buys

    I have a bit of a globe obsession happening at the moment , and I bought this world globe which is a lamp. I have another vintage globe coming from the US and I'm going to rejig my display.
    I also found 2 dusty globe bookends

    I ve been on the lookout for old silver pieces for my Christmas table and I found another old piece at the Animal Welfare...a lovely old butter dish


  1. Your globe collection sure is expanding. and the butter dish is stunning.

  2. Great globes. The light one is a really novelty. Good finding! x

  3. Gorgeous finds! You know I have a bit of a thing for globes too. The only problem is how to display them all! Xx

    1. I think a group display of differnt sizes and types looks great...and when I get my next on soon in the post I'll take away the cameras and put all them together elsewhere. I googled decorating with vintage globe pictures and they pics are gorgeous!!! x x

  4. What a beautiful butter dish! You definitely snagged some great finds. (I'm loving your cameras, too!)

  5. i love that globe lamp, it just has the perfect little something when it's all aglow!

  6. I love old globes but they are so hard to get at a good price, I am also trying to remember what happened to my parents old cameras, so I could use them all I can find is the 70's polaroid!

  7. Some great finds - love the globes, and adore the dish - I'm wondering if it might not be a muffin dish? I love the elegant knob and the decoration is very pretty...


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