Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Find

I walked up to the Salvo's on my usual Friday morning trip and spied this grotty old cutlery box in the corner. I could tell straight away it was a very old oak box, and after checking the flatware inside I knew it was pre 1900 . I have a thing about old cutlery , and have a little collection to add it to. What a pity the brass crest is missing, and the box cracked as this Sheffield silverware was only made between 1880-1911

I can add it to the beautiful pearl handled antique knives I found at Anglicare for $1 each

and a 1930 fish set


  1. Lovely find, I just love old silver plate!

  2. Great find. Maybe there is a wooden or metal small plaque that could fit over the removed one. Beautiful indeed.

  3. Oooh gorgeous. Good eye! Love opening a box at the thrift and finding treasure.


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