Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday's Garage Sale Finds

We were driving home from our weekly GreenGrocer shop through a rather affluent suburb admiring the gorgeous homes when Mr VL spotted a garage sale on the front lawn of a beautiful home. We braked hard and I hightailed it in as fast as I could.
There was tons of beautiful furniture,china,and luggage. Unfortunately I had limited cash
I managed to find enough cash on me to grab a large leather suitcase ($40)and a small briefcase($10)She had lots more which I had to leave SOB!


  1. Wow more vintage suitcases. You now have so much pretty storage solutions in your newly decorated home. x

  2. Gorgeous!! You have to love the poshe suburbs for garage sales!

  3. These are nice and in such great shape! Super finds.

  4. I really like the H.J.R. makes me wonder who that is? Great garage sale finds, BTW...I don't seem to have a lot of luck with those...but shops? Oh Yeah!

  5. The lady who owned the house said it was an old suitcase....maybe it was a Henry John Roberts!!!!! or Herbert James Robertson!


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