Monday, April 2, 2012

The Chaos Begins...........

Today is day one of the makeover and trying to obliterate the appalling taste of the previous owners....revolting bottle green laminate....stains, brown wood everywhere...cupboards, doors,skirting boards, beige walls.(We have already replace light fittings,curtains and kitchen appliances which were revolting too)
Today the plumber pulled out bathroom and kitchen sinks in readiness for installation of granite benchtops, and pulled out a wall furnace.
Hopefully the painter starts Wednesday on repainting the outside and then the interior is being painted a dazzling white everywhere-  walls,cupboards, doors , skirting, architraves -YAY


  1. You have my sympathy! It's going to take us years to undo all the 'Southwestern decor' a former owner leashed upon this 1957 Midcentury Modern house!

  2. We are trying to undo the 'Italian Look' !

  3. The Italian look. hehe. I am very intersted in seeing the progress, we want to start an extension and redo our bathroom, maybe one day.


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